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Founded in 1936 in Wuppertal, Germany, Wera Tools started as a small factory producing screwdrivers and has evolved into a globally renowned brand specialising in high-quality hand tools. Their product range comprises over 3,000 items. Wera is known for its innovative designs, reliable quality, and exceptional performance. The focus on developing new technologies has resulted in numerous patents and awards.

Versatile range

Wera focuses on various product lines, the most famous of which are the Wera screwdrivers. The Wera Kraftform screwdrivers feature ergonomically shaped handles, providing better grip and reducing fatigue during work. They are available in various models, such as the Kraftform Plus with an extra hard blade for heavy-duty tasks and the Kraftform Micro for precision work.

The Wera Zyklop ratchets and socket wrenches are the most efficient and user-friendly on the market for professional tools. Their sleek design and fine-tooth mechanism enable comfortable work in tight spaces. A special coating provides additional grip.

Wera's Bit-Check bit sets contain an extensive selection of bits in different sizes and shapes, suitable for nearly every screw.

To neatly and systematically store all Wera tools, the brand offers a wide range of bags, pouches, and holders. The Wera 2go storage systems can be customised and combined for efficient storage and transport.

Ergonomic design

What makes Wera tools particularly popular in the professional segment is the attractive and user-friendly design. The ergonomically designed handles provide a secure grip. The risk of sweaty hands or blisters from prolonged use is minimal, and the power transfer is maximised. Through the use of laser technology in treating the tips, Wera ensures greater reliability. The micro-rough surface of the laser tip offers a perfect grip between the screwdriver and the screw head slot, minimising the chance of slippage. Wera bits, whether slotted, crosshead, hex, or Torx, always provide a perfect grip on the screw. Bits with a diamond layer offer optimal grip in the screw and reduce the need for pressure during screwing.