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Wera: Screwdrivers and bits of top quality

Wera designs and manufactures screw tools and associated accessories for professional use.

Innovative, problem-solving, qualitative and reliable

Whatever problems arise when screwing, Wera always has a ready-made solution ready. They amaze the users time and again by putting into practice innovative and extraordinary ideas developed in the research department. Due to the extraordinary and unique properties of the tool, this results in a virtually perfect professional execution of the screw work.

The quality of the Wera products must be excellent. Through continuous quality control throughout the production process, Wera is assured of manufacturing a high-quality product, which makes the complaints of the users practically nil. Obtaining the ISO certificate is therefore self-evident. Because of the many globally recognized patents, the Wera brand protects its customers from qualitatively inferior counterfeit products. Wera is a reliable partner for industry, sales and consumers. It delivers high-quality products with which the professionals can work reliably.

Design and ergonomics

Wera products have a beautiful design and are very user-friendly. The prices they have earned in the past confirm this. The ergonomically designed handles ensure a firm grip. The risk of sweaty hands or blisters with prolonged use is minimal and the power transmission is maximum. By using laser technology in the treatment of the tips, Wera provides more security. The micro-rough surface of the laser tip gives a perfect grip of the screwdriver in the screw head slot. This minimizes the chance of extension. The Wera screw heads or bits of slot, cross, hex or Torx form always have a perfect grip in the screw. Screwing is then a piece of cake. The enormous range of bit sets makes screws with Wera tools pleasant and user-friendly. The bits with a diamond layer ensure optimal grip in the screw and a reduction of the pressure during screwing. The use of stainless steel in production is also a huge plus.

Service and logistics

The enormous range of Wera tools is traded worldwide by local suppliers. The thoughtful and instructive packaging and sales stands make it easy for the user to choose the correct Wera tool and to use it correctly. The customer service is always and everywhere ready to answer questions from the customer. The logistics are extremely reliable, because the entire Wera range is always available everywhere. Wera also offers the customer many training and training opportunities to present new tools, use and benefits during extensive practical sessions.

Wera network

Wera's parent company is located in Wuppertal in Germany, while production units are located in Spain, the United Kingdom, Canada and the US. Furthermore, the network of Wera representatives and suppliers is spread all over the world.