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With its extensive product range WD-40 Company wants to offer a solution for every moisture-related problem, both at work and in the home. WD-40 is not called 'the can with a thousand applications' for nothing. The possible applications of the specialized WD-40 products are endless: rust remover, lubricant, contact spray, cleaning agent and protection against corrosion. The oil products of WD-40 are suitable for maintenance, repairs and care. The brand offers a wide range of solutions for different applications. WD-40 protects metal from corrosion, creates a moisture bridge or acts as the perfect humidifier. But WD-40 also has a solution for removing grease, chewing gum or stuck parts. The moisture-repellent or friction-reducing lubricants ensure perfect maintenance that slows down the wear and tear of the used tools and thus increases service life.

High-quality properties without adverse effects on the treated materials

WD40 offers endless possibilities in various application areas. WD-40 is a practical cleaning agent for the removal of stubborn dirt such as tar, stick, oil and grease residues. The product also leaves a preventive protective film on the treated materials. WD-40 is an excellent way to eliminate squeaky and cracking noises so that moving parts can again run optimally. Because no silicone is used, the chance of sticking is non-existent. WD-40 is also used to efficiently remove rust, to optimally repair the mechanics of stuck and rusted parts and to loosen blocked parts, screws and nuts. WD-40 is frequently used to prevent tools and metal from corrosion and moisture formation by applying a protective film. The use of the WD-40 contact spray on electronic and electrical mechanisms keeps them free of moisture and therefore reduces the occurrence of stray currents. The composition formula of WD-40 is secret and still the same as in the early years. The products do not contain any carcinogenic substances. Under identical conditions of use (rapid and slow immersion, spraying or spraying) the reaction of most materials on WD-40 is identical as with other aliphatic hydrocarbons. The effects on the surface of plastics, tungsten carbides and rubbers are invisible. During prolonged immersion in WD-40 some rubbers swell, but this swelling disappears quickly when the volatile components have evaporated. The spray cans of WD-40 contain CO² as a propellant gas to release the polyvalent oil.


WD-40, known worldwide for its blue-yellow casing, has been the expert in reliable multi-functional applications for almost millions of users in 188 countries for almost 60 years. WD-40 has always focused on the highest quality of its products, making them especially visible when special properties are required, such as lack of aggression towards materials, heat and pressure resistance. In the development of the products, the demands and desires of the target group are always taken into account by continuous interaction between the professional field and the development and production centers. This results in the realization of innovative, user-friendly and intelligent products or in efficient improvements to already existing products.


"WD" stands for "water displacement" and "40" for the fortieth test formula of the series of tests in the research lab of founder Norm Larsen. WD40 Company developed from a small local company into a world company with headquarters in San Diego (USA) and offices in all continents. The head office for Europe is based in the United Kingdom.