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Turnus steels sets and stencils

Turnus offers the perfect tools for stamping and engraving your material. The brand has steel letters and steel numbers suitable for all types of materials. The steel letters and numbers are usually used to make stamps in metals, but can also be used in other materials, such as plastic or leather. It is of utter importance that the steel letter or steel number is harder than the material in which it is stamped. Klium offers standard sets as well as heavier sets to use with more solid materials. In addition to the Turnus steel letters and steel number sets, you can also find the Turnus stencils in our webshop. The stencils are made of zinc and are available in small, medium and big sizes. All stencils have curved sides so that you can easily hold and move them. Klium also has an extensive range of hollow punches for making stamps and seal rings made from all kinds of materials such as rubber, leather, or plastic.

About Turnus

Turnus is part of Kukko, a German producer of top quality products. Kukko started somewhere in Germany in the basement of an ordinary residential house, and the company’s values were created and set: being proactive, thinking ahead, and being reliable and honest From there, the family business grew to a big name in the tool industry. Today Kukko, one of the world’s leading solution developers, is still a family business. A family business that guarantees quality, just as Turnus, the company it created. By looking for new challenges and implementing user’s feedback to its products, Turnus and Kukko continue to innovate. Innovation and development are the cornerstones of their forward-looking vision and the development of all their products.