Spit - Number 1 in fastening technology

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Spit was founded in 1951 in Valence, France, by the inventors of a unique system for firing hardened steel nails, now known as PAT. This marked the invention of the first powder-actuated hammer for concrete and steel. Today, Spit is a part of the ITW (Illinois Tool Works) group, which operates in 55 countries worldwide with approximately 45,000 employees. Spit is particularly well-known for its fastening technology. The brand offers a comprehensive range of fixatives for concrete, plastic, wood, steel, and combinations of these materials. In addition, Spit also manufactures electric tools, including the popular Spit drill. Overall, the brand has a solution for every fastening problem.

From nail guns to chemical anchors

When it needs to be secure, professionals choose Spit. No other brand has such a comprehensive program of fasteners — from cordless and pneumatic nail equipment for wood-on-wood, steel, and concrete to powder-actuated hammers, chemical and mechanical anchors, and screws.

Constant Innovation

Spit is heavily invested in research and development to simplify the work of professionals in construction and industry, making it safer, faster, and more user-friendly. Spit specialists visit job sites and workshops to inventory work methods and identify which methods need to be improved or renewed to enhance the efficiency of applications.

Safety and Environment

Spit products are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment. All materials known to be hazardous have been removed in compliance with regulations. Spit's design teams constantly work to limit the use of materials that could impact the environment or health. The company is committed across Europe to collecting and processing electrical devices and implementing innovative chemical waste collection solutions.

Spit collaborates with government agencies and scientific partners to combat MSDs, noise, and vibrations in order to find solutions that are both competitive and respect the principles of sustainable development. To further minimize its ecological footprint — Spit produces 90% of its products in Europe.