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Illinois Toolworks Inc. (ITW) develops and manufactures worldwide a wide range of quality fixation tools, tools and parts. Spit is unique on the market because it offers a complete range of fixatives for concrete, plastic, wood and steel, where mutual combinations are possible. The brand offers the ideal solution for every fixing problem.


Spit is fully committed to research and development to simplify the work of the professionals, making them safer, faster and more user-friendly. That is why they develop products that meet the requirements of the professionals. Spit delegates visit yards and workplaces to identify working methods and to find out which methods need to be improved or renewed to increase the efficiency of the applications.


All ITW production units where the brand's tools and accessories are made have an ISO certificate, so that there is constant monitoring of quality during the production process. The Spit products meet all European guidelines required for industrial anchoring materials and tools. The correct use of the products will benefit the return on the end result. That is why Spit attaches great importance to a good maintenance and operating manual. These are supplemented with sessions in which explanations are given about the use of Spit products and any newly available tools. This leads to greater ease of use, greater safety and higher efficiency.

After sales service

Because the tool usually fails at the most unfortunate moments - you know Murphy's law - Spit has some options for the user here: repair by technical personnel on site or advice for repair by the in-house repair department where - if necessary - a replacement device is made available to the customer. Usually a defect can be avoided by correct use of the tool and by regular maintenance for which different cleaning products are available. Spit technical representatives are available at all times for technical support, commissioning, advice to work faster and more efficiently. This support is of great importance because it is important for Spit and the professionals that the right tools are used for a specific application. To prevent unpleasant surprises Spit offers an extended warranty. If the customer registers the legal guarantee is extended to a complete guarantee. After expiry of the warranty period, the customer receives a fixed repair price including a full warranty on the repaired device.

Experience and expertise

ITW is a large company with years of experience, with branches in many countries and with thousands of enthusiastic employees who are all engaged in developing and creating innovative products with added value for the professionals.