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Sioen Industries is market leader in coated technical textiles, a specialist in high-quality technical clothing and an important player in the processing of technical textiles. The various activities of the Sioen group include: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of technical clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. The Sioen range protects the user from head top toe: underwear, T-shirts and polo shirts, fleeces, body warmers, jackets and pants belong to the range. Within the Sioen group, Sioen Apparel is an international supplier of tailored protective clothing with an excellent price / quality ratio. It also supplies technical niche products such as firefighting clothing, floating suits and lifejackets, forestry clothing, bullet and stab proof vests, company clothing and sportswear. The protective clothing from Sioen Apparel is comfortable, elegant and technically perfect and meets all legal requirements and technical regulations. Sioen Apparel continually invests in the latest technologies in order to meet the highest quality standards. The strong qualities of Sioen Industries are innovation, research and development, expertise and the vertical control process.

Innovation, research and development

Sioen always wants to deliver the best products and develop new products that in turn meet the requirements of the customers. The development of new process technologies, advanced technologies and new, revolutionary raw materials is part of the company's innovation strategy. An intelligent mix of raw materials results in innovative and better products that also offer greater efficiency. This innovation is the result of a thorough and successful interaction between suppliers, customers, the professional field, universities and research groups, in which European projects are often also engaged. The success of the research cell within the Sioen group is due to the central structure whereby the various research entities are managed centrally but still collaborate so that the expertise of Sioen Industries can be used within the individual research groups. In the future, Sioen will mainly focus on tailor-made clothing, specialized products, recyclable and recycled materials, intelligent fabrics.

Vertical control process

The whole production process is subjected to strict quality control from yarn to finished product so that the company can control everything and is independent of external suppliers. The management of this industrial chain allows us to respond immediately to the needs of the field. These needs are collected and stored after frequent and thorough searches with customers, distributors and employees. The internal suggestions of the technical staff are a result of the expertise and creativity of Sioen employees and are often to the point.

Sioen Industries

Sioen Industries is a Belgian company specialized in industrial textiles and consists of three departments that each have their specialization. The Sioen Coating Division focuses on technical textiles, the Sioen Chemicals Division specializes in chemicals and the Sioen Apparel Division produces protective clothing. The group is listed on Euronext Brussels.