Puma safety shoes

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In the long history of Puma – founded in 1924 by Rudolf Dassler – safety shoes are a fairly recent addition to the range. The expertise of Puma as a sports brand has been applied to the Puma safety shoes, which makes them unique in style and comfort.

Puma work shoes are sustainably produced, have a sporty and attractive look, and the design is stylish and modern. The application of the latest technologies is equally significant, such as the Puma Cell System and Sympatex Technology. Details such as steel or plastic nose protection, a protective Kevlar sole, breath active lining and cushioning ensure optimal safety and wearing comfort. Puma safety shoes are lightweight and flexible. The different series of Puma work shoes are tailored to specific user categories. For example, there is a special Puma food shoe line and a Puma women's work shoe line.