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PROJOB Swedisch Workwear

Projob offers the employee qualitative, effective and user-friendly workwear.

Representation and job satisfaction

New conditions are now being imposed on labor clothing. Flexibility, profiling and efficiency are the new standards that apply. Every employee represents the company where he works. In daily life there is more to experience than just work. And the boundary between work and casual wear is getting thinner. As a result, more and more garments can also be worn in leisure time. Job satisfaction increases the return on work. The Projob collection perfectly responds to this. Investing in creating even more job satisfaction is the best investment for a company. Good and correct workwear creates a pleasant working atmosphere that positively influences the working environment and the company.

Beautiful, innovative and of good quality

The Projob workwear not only looks good, but is also pleasant to wear. Projob does everything to avoid physical injuries thanks to a genius and flexible 'Inbag system' in which the weight of tools and the like to be carried is correctly distributed over the body. This makes work more precise, more effective and more pleasant. The clothing is innovative because of its ergonomic user-friendliness and efficiency. A perfect combination, because ergonomic clothing is obviously efficient. Work clothing must be able to withstand the most rugged situations. That is why Projob only uses powerful and durable material whose good properties are already known and thoroughly tested.

Wide range

The wide assortment of Projob workwear finds a sales market in many sectors. For example, the sturdy but supple clothing is often used in the construction sector to work unimpeded, efficient and safe. Through extensive research into the employment conditions in the transport sector and the service provision, the flexible, comfortable clothing is also widely used in these sectors. The safety clothing from Projob meets the standards imposed by legislators and consumers.

The fire-resistant and fire-retardant work clothing is one of the latest Projob offerings. This workwear meets the strictest standards. Despite the flame-retardant properties, this perfectly fitting and high quality clothing is designed to work effectively and smoothly. Projob has added a new catering line to the existing range, focusing on a high quality level, user-friendliness and design. This unique collection for kitchen and restaurant was developed by creating a combination of new materials with a comfortable cut. The range of work clothing is further complemented with a range of work gloves and safety shoes that meet the ergonomic quality requirements.


When wearing work clothes, the right size plays an extremely important role because of the direct impact on effectiveness, wear, freedom of movement and user-friendliness. That is why Projob provides an extensive size chart to individually select the right garment for each employee.

Material and maintenance

Projob uses an optimal combination of different fabrics with the main characteristics: breathable, moisture resistant, machine washable or dry cleaning. The fabrics must provide long-term protection, stay fresh and clean for a long time, eliminate dirt and repel them, be smooth and comfortable. To preserve these properties for a long time, the clothing must be well maintained and washed regularly. The correct follow-up of the washing instructions is fundamental. Many nano-technology is used in the Projob brand workwear, and this will certainly become a necessary standard in the clothing industry in the coming years.


Projob has offices in Europe and North America. It now belongs to the Swedish New Wave Group AB with worldwide branches both in terms of production and service. At all manufacturing levels, reliability, ease of use and efficiency are still the targets.