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Phantom supplies a carefully selected range of metal working clamping tools to industry, construction and maintenance sites. The brand offers a wide range of reliable and high quality tools suitable for multiple applications (threading, drilling, milling, galvanizing and deburring, reaming, sawing, punching and turning). Every problem of machining in the industry can be solved with Phantom tools and this at an economical cost / quality ratio. The years of expertise reflects on the quality of the offer that guarantees high returns and productivity.

A complete offer based on the latest techniques

The right common sizes for applications in the most specific sectors are available, as well as less requested sizes such as extra long drills, special types of wire or reamers in HSS-Cobalt and in solid carbide. Qualitative and efficient solutions for all problems from assembly, industry and maintenance with machining tools are made from the most modern materials such as PowderMetal-HSSE-V, PowderMetal-S290, Micro-Grain and Nano-Grain solid carbide and executed with the latest coatings. Solid carbide twist drills with cooling channels provided with the latest coatings, modern High Speed ​​Cutting milling and toroid milling are examples of how the supply remains up-to-date. The extensive range of SDS drills meets the strict production standards for the PGM quality mark. In order to be able to further profile itself as sector leader, Phantom has further expanded its offering with wood drills, stone drills and concrete drills. Sectors that belong to Phantom's target group are: construction, grinding, mechanical engineering, mold making, tool makers and CNC machines.

Tools for hard work

Almost all drills are made with a split point. The machine taps are manufactured in HSSE 3% vanadium which is of better quality than HSSE 5% cobalt that is normally used. For standard solid carbide, Micro-Grain and Nano-Grain are chosen and, for more efficient results, TiN, TiCN, TCL, TiAIN, TiAIN-B and DIAMOND are used to achieve the best results. AlCrN coating greatly increases the heat resistance when using core drills.


Phantom products have been distributed from Beekbergen in the Netherlands since 1952 by Van Ommen BV, the market leader in this sector. Van Ommen delivers a wide and extensive range from stock quickly and smoothly. The company remains up-to-date by constantly improving the processes and through the continuous training of its technical staff. Van Ommen has years of experience and offers a unique service. The large selection of thousands of products ensures that the right material is available for every application. Every product from the catalog is in stock and all orders are immediately processed and delivered the next day. High costs and long lead times are avoided by fast delivery from the stock of current and less common products. Sales are supported by an interactive website and catalog, attendance at trade fairs, regular technical training and workshops for staff. The distributors can count on frequent technical and commercial support.