Milwaukee — a leading innovator in professional tools.

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For almost 100 years — since 1924 — Milwaukee has led the industry in developing innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity and durability for professional users in construction. This American manufacturer of professional electric and battery tools has left a considerable mark in technology, design, and performance. The brand is well-known for its groundbreaking innovations, such as the Milwaukee Packout storage system and the Milwaukee M18 battery-powered tool line. Klium offers a comprehensive Milwaukee range, including drills, circular saws, sanders, angle grinders, and various other powerful Milwaukee tools.

Powerful and innovative

Milwaukee tools are built to last, deliver powerful performance, and offer innovative solutions. The manufacturers themselves recommend Milwaukee products, ‘Nothing But Heavy Duty.' The brand aims to make work easier with tools designed and perfected with input from experts across various fields. Milwaukee product designers work directly with end-users daily to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace and provide solutions for improved safety and productivity. The Milwaukee Packout series and the Milwaukee M18 line of battery-powered tools reflect the brand's commitment to innovation and user-friendliness.

Milwaukee tools are designed to perform in the toughest conditions. With their renowned reliability and durability, you can count on consistent top performance, even under the most challenging working conditions.

Milwaukee warranty and service

Milwaukee offers an extensive warranty on its products and stands behind the quality and durability of all its tools. Therefore, you can count on excellent customer service and product support. Moreover, Klium offers an extra 2-year warranty on top of the standard Milwaukee warranty. This means you are guaranteed five years of worry-free working with all your Milwaukee power tools.