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Established in 1924, the German company Metabo has established itself as a leading manufacturer of electric tools. With a solid reputation for quality, durability, and innovation, Metabo is the choice for professionals worldwide. The brand is synonymous with robustness and reliability, and its extensive range provides solutions for a multitude of tasks in diverse sectors.

Metabo is a global authority in the power tools and accessories field, offering a range of high-quality tools for professionals and demanding DIY enthusiasts. Our extensive Metabo range includes all popular Metabo products, including wall chasers, drills, miter saws, sanders, table saws, angle grinders, and other power tools.

Metabo's advantages

High productivity, extreme robustness, extra safety, and reliability are at the heart of all Metabo's product developments. The manufacturer understands well that electric tools are often pushed to their limits. The solution is power tools suitable for the heaviest use in construction and industry. Metabo power tools' main advantages are their practical usability, large power reserves, and long working times without needing to replace the battery. And all this with the least possible weight.

For each application, Metabo has the perfect tool based on the latest technology. Metabo works closely with professionals in its product development and considers their needs and requirements from the design stage.

The brand's power tools are tested under the harshest conditions and in extreme work situations. Thus, all professional Metabo electric and battery tools are extremely reliable and have a long, trouble-free lifespan.

Metabo LIHD battery system

A striking example of Metabo's innovation, designed to make life easier for professionals, is the LIHD battery system. Tools equipped with this battery system can handle the toughest materials and tasks. With just one powerful LIHD battery, a Metabo LIHD-powered tool can unleash power comparable to a 2000W machine on mains power.

Metabo garden tools

In addition to power tools for construction and industry, you can also find a wide range of garden tools from Metabo at Klium. Metabo is also a leading brand in this field — from lawnmowers to hedge trimmers and leaf blowers to chainsaws. The brand also makes gardening easier and more efficient with its Metabo CAS 18V battery system, which means you only need one battery for all your 18V garden tools. This system is also compatible with 18V devices from other prestigious brands.