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Makita at Klium

Klium only offers you tools of the best quality because we understand your money is valuable and you want reliable products. Makita offers a vast range of robust, easy to use and easy to maintain power tools and, therefore, Makita is an A brand at Klium. Makita tools are manufactured carefully with the best material and are appreciated by millions of users worldwide for their professional power tools. At Klium, you will also find the Makita tools at the best price! We continuously monitor the sales prices for you and regularly launch favourable offers from the manufacturer.

As an official Makita dealer, Klium also maintains an excellent relationship with the manufacturer, enabling a smooth after-sales service. Klium harbours a large Makita stock and, restocking is done daily. That makes accessories and machines available to customers very quickly. Nearly 5000 Makita products are available in the webshop on Klium. From the infamous Makita cordless drill, construction radio and battery to a Makita saw, sander, Makita's best garden tools and multi-tools - you will find it all in the different categories of the brand page. When choosing Makita tools, you can choose from complete sets and separate bodies.

Most of the Makita sets, such as the garden tools set, consist of a machine, a battery, a charger and a case. The separate bodies are delivered without a battery and battery charger. Makita tools are also available in different voltages and in several price ranges.

Makita's Guarantee at Klium

Makita offers a 3-year warranty on machines and a 2-year warranty on batteries. Makita power tools are manufactured with utmost precision and tested according to the strictest standards. For example, every Makita electric motor undergoes no less than nineteen quality checks and must run for several minutes before it is approved. At Klium, we are absolutely confident in the quality of Makita products. Would you like to make use of the warranty?

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The Makita feeling

When you work with power tools that feel good, you operate better. Whoever works with Makita's power tools, such as their drills or garden tools set, feels more comfortable, delivers better performance and is left with more energy. That is, very briefly, Makita's philosophy. The manufacturer sets the standard in efficient, safe and pleasant working in the power tool market.

Makita power tools: light and strong

What distinguishes Makita from other brands of power tools is the motor, the core of every power tool. Makita achieves top performances by using premium quality raw materials such as 97% pure magnetic copper wire for superior conductivity and the highest quality steel for more durability and power. The latest technology is used to make Makita's power tools more compact and lighter, a development that is evolving rapidly and in which Makita is at the forefront.

Exclusive anti-vibration technology at Makita

There is a story behind Makita's advanced Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT). No country in the world is hit by earthquakes as often as Japan. Thus, Japan prides itself in developing and mastering the science of vibration damping of buildings. Makita engineers are also making efficient use of this knowledge in the development of new power tools. One of the results is the use of a counterweight that absorbs the vibrations. If you work with a Makita rotary hammer, combi hammer or a reciprocating saw, you will immediately feel the difference as the machine is much easier to handle.

Complete Makita machine range with excellent features

Makita develops mains and battery power tools along with tools on compressed air or with petrol engines. Although there are hundreds of machines and accessories on the market for both professional users and DIYers, Makita tools are known for their sturdiness and easy to use/maintain feature. The performance of the machines meets the requirements of the work field. Makita professional power tools are characterized by their high quality, long service life and high efficiency of the motor because the equipment is manufactured extremely carefully and with the best materials. The devices undergo thorough quality controls and are tested according to the strictest standards. These quality products are, therefore, 100% reliable.

Makita tools: new and environment-friendly technology

In manufacturing the power tools, Makita uses new and environmentally friendly techniques that have been developed in-house. For example, the Makita garden machines are equipped with high-quality four-stroke engines (MM4) with the same power as comparable two-stroke engines but with significantly less consumption and emissions. The use of batteries was a revolutionary idea that convinced professional craftsmen to choose Makita tools because they no longer caused noise pollution. Makita follows strict European environmental regulations as well as RoHS for the use of heavy metals and the special waste regulations for electrical and electronic equipment during manufacture. Makita is also a member of Bebat, Recupel and Valipac.