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Loctite is known for its extensive range of high-quality industrial adhesives and sealants. It offers the most advanced products for all glue technologies and thus seeks to create sustainable added value. The products are developed to speed up the production process, improve quality and reduce costs. They comply with national and international standards and can be used in different industries. With its extensive range of products being marketed in more than 80 countries worldwide, Loctite is one of the leaders in the adhesives, sealants and other specific chemical products industry. Glues are increasingly being used. Not only in the aviation sector and car construction but also in standard manufacturing techniques. And this because bonding has many advantages over traditional connection technology. Loctite, the world-famous brand for high-quality adhesives and sealants that is widely used in industrial production and maintenance, is known for its solidity and efficiency.

Research, development & engineering

Loctite relies on considerable knowledge and innovative insights and owes its success to the simultaneous global research, development and engineering in the renowned labs in Munich (Germany), Rocky Hill (Connecticut, USA), Yokohama (Japan) and Dublin (Ireland). In these centers a huge potential of know-how and test facilities is concentrated which together with 30 tactically localized Technological Service Centers give support to the production houses. These Loctite production centers have acquired the ISO 9002 standard because of their quality systems and therefore score high at many companies. In order to remain market leader, Loctite has a feeling and understanding of the adhesives and seals sector, it develops new manufacturing technologies and solution techniques are tailored to the needs of the field. In order to offer highly effective products, Loctite has everything in its hand: the design and the product development, the production process, the simulation tests and dosing tests.


Extensive technical support and a strong distribution network guarantee worldwide availability of Loctite's most effective and reliable solutions. Consumers can count on sellers with experience and an excellent technical service that is available at all times. The technical support is very wide and the applied solutions are the result of standardized test methods and guarantee efficiency and credibility. Training opportunities meet the specific needs of the professional field and increase the expertise of the customer. A worldwide network of dealers guarantees fast delivery of the designated products to the users.

The firm

Since 1997 the Loctite brand has been part of Henkel's portfolio, the market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatment.