Hikoki: Innovation never stops

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Continuous innovation is the mantra of Hikoki. The Japanese power tools manufacturer began in 1948 under the name Hitachi Koki Co. Ltd. as a manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment. Over the years, the company built a leading position in the world of professional electric tools under the Hitachi brand.

In 2018, the Hitachi name was replaced by Hikoki. This year also saw the introduction of the three top products in the current range: the Hikoki cordless drill, the Hikoki rotary hammer, and the Hikoki cordless stapler.

Powerful and reliable

Hikoki power tools feature the latest technologies to deliver top performance for professionals in construction and industry. Each Hikoki product is designed to handle the toughest jobs, with the reliability and comfort that professionals demand from their tools in terms of work comfort, durability, and power.

Innovative Solutions

Hikoki continues to search constantly for new and better solutions for professionals. Especially since the name change, the brand has been launching a steady stream of new products on the market. The Hikoki drill and Hikoki rotary hammer are just some examples of the innovative power tools that Hikoki delivers. All products are designed with the user in mind, offering superior performance in a wide range of professional applications.

Moreover, Hikoki is committed to sustainability, not only by designing durable products that last but also by minimising the environmental impact during the manufacturing process. This forms part of Hikoki's commitment to contributing to a more sustainable future.

Extensive range of accessories

For every Hikoki machine, there is a comprehensive range of accessories available. In the Pro-Line range, you will always find the right accessories to equip your Hikoki tool for specific applications.

Hikoki is more than just a name. It's a promise of quality, reliability, and performance. Whether you are a professional or a demanding DIY enthusiast, you can count on Hikoki to deliver the power tools you need to get the job done.