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Hitachi Power Tools: Professional tools for high performance

The professional tools from Hitachi Power Tools have been developed to deliver high performance. The tool meets the highest requirements in terms of working comfort, durability and strength.

Always in development

Hitachi is not just satisfied with the existing offer, but is constantly looking for new and better solutions for the professional. As a result, new products are constantly coming onto the market.

  • Blowers, suction machines, drills, compressors, power cutters, milling machines, generators, hammers, hot air guns, nibblers and plate cutters, mixing machines, nail machines, laser distance meters, planers, grinding and polishing machines, impact wrenches, grinders, cordless tools, vacuum cleaners, screw machines, wharf radios , sawing machines and powerful outdoor material ...

Accessories exist for every Hitachi machine. In the Pro-Line range you will undoubtedly find the right accessory for your Hitachi tools.

After-sales service

Hitachi wants to offer its customers excellent service through an extended warranty, an excellent repair service and a wide network of service points.

Hitachi Power Tools is part of the global company Hitachi.

The word Hitachi as Chinese character (Kanji) literally means sunrise, which symbolizes the philosophy of offering added value to people and society through technology. The Hitachi Group is one of the world's largest companies with more than 20000 products and more than 300,000 employees. This makes it one of the largest manufacturers of construction equipment and competes with the largest global companies. Parts from Hitachi Ltd. are Hitachi Construction Machinery Ltd. (HCM) and Hitachi Power Tools. HCM is one of the largest manufacturers in the world in the field of earthmoving equipment, as excavators, wheel loaders and dump trucks. Hitachi Power Tools is a global company of electrical appliances. The company has now also focused on building train equipment.