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Havep workwear at Klium

Klium wants you to feel good and look good while working, that is why we proudly present you HAVEP workwear. HAVEP stands for safe work and looking good. They have tailor-made working clothing for every type of work. Appearance, comfort, and safety are the features that characterize the HAVEP workwear collection. All the protective wear and workwear are made of materials of the highest quality and are produced conform the latest security and safety standards. HAVEP wants to protect you on a daily basis and at the same time offer you the highest functionality possible. In the Klium webshop you can find all different types of protective wear, ranging from work trousers (long & shorts), overalls, jackets and vests to shirts and body warmers. Our range consists of both winter and summer clothes, male and female models, and various sizes.

About Havep

Havep have become a name built on a tradition of more than 150 years in the textile sector. The company’s philosophy can be summarized into one sentence “You'll never work alone”. They ask their employees to keep this in mind while designing and producing their clothing line since work clothes can make or break your day. A good worker is a satisfied worker and the way you are dressed adds up to the satisfaction. Havep wants to make clothes that are comfortable, look stylish, are 100% safe and are fully tailored to the needs of every employee. Havep’s clothing must be functional in every work situation. Only materials of the best quality are chosen for the production so that they are a perfect fit, also solid and durable. With workwear from Havep you must be able to work hard in a comfortable and safe way.