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Ghibli Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Klium offers a wide range of Ghibli vacuum cleaners and accessories suitable for every cleaning job. Each cleaning job requires a specific machine. Ghibli produces different versions of vacuum cleaners varying in size, equipment and performance but all characterized by strength, efficiency and reliability. What ever mess you have to clean, there is no limit to the cleaning machines of Ghibli. Damp or dry dirt, water, slime or mud, a Ghibli machine cleans it all. The professional vacuum cleaners for dry and wet cleaning are all provided with the necessary filters and are equipped with a powerful motor. If you are looking for a device that can clean large areas, the industrial vacuum cleaners are what you are looking for. Their larger tanks and motor capacity ensure that they clean larger areas without issues. Our webshop also offers scrubbing machines (one-disc machines), carpet cleaners and back vacuum cleaners. Extra filters, various floor brushes or spare parts can be found in the accessories section.

About Ghibli

Ghibli has been manufacturing professional cleaning equipment since 1968. In 1968 Ghibli produced its first vacuum cleaner and in the 50 years that followed, they improved, professionalized, and perfected this craft, making Ghibli one of the biggest players in the European cleaning market. In addition to hoovers and water hoovers, Ghibli also produces scrubbing machines, single-disc machines and textile cleaners. In 2005 Ghibli was taken over by the Riello investment Group which resulted in the new name Ghibli&Wirbel. The knowledge and expertise of Wirbel, another big (Italian) name in the European cleaning world, and Ghibli were thus brought together under one name. Together, they stand side by side to protect the traditional values of Italian manufacturing which encompasses passion for work and quality. “Made in Italy” is not just a stamp, but it is also a guarantee of craftsmanship and dedication.