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In 1955, Hans-Georg Biermann and his wife Ibeth Biermann started a small company in Frankfurt that focused on the acquisition and commercial exploitation of inventions and new production processes. The name GESIPA stands for "GESellschaft für Internationale PAtentverwertung". Shortly after its founding, the company patented tools for making blind rivet joints.

In the following years, the German company has developed into a global expert in blind riveting tools and systems, with production facilities in Germany, America and the UK. Since 2009, Gesipa has been part of the Swiss SFS Intec group.

Quality and cost-effective

Gesipa's extensive product range offers numerous possibilities for cost-effective and safe connections in the most diverse industries. Gesipa NTS blind rivet hand tools are made of forged steel and cast aluminium. The sleek lightweight tools are specifically designed to help professionals rivet in tight workspaces and hard-to-reach areas.

A recent innovation is the Gesipa Accubird 12v cordless rivet gun. Advanced lithium-ion battery technology makes it possible to power large amounts of rivets with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.