Fluke, the global leader in testing and measurement instruments

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The American company Fluke, established in 1948, provides a unique technology for testing and troubleshooting across manufacturing and service industries. From quality control and precision measurements to maintenance and installation of electronic components — Fluke is the first choice for professionals in multiple sectors, such as the electronic, chemical, and processing industries.

Innovative and user-friendly

Fluke is known for the superior quality and innovative nature of their products. With their deep technical expertise, not only does the company develop solutions that are precise and reliable but also user-friendly. Fluke focuses on the most recent technology and collaborates closely with professionals in the field when developing new products.

An example is the Fluke Connect™ app which allows you to transmit real-time data from your Fluke connect-compatible testing instrument to your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can perform measurements quickly and easily and share your results with your team, no matter where you are.

Robust and reliable

Fluke testing and measurement instruments are put to the test in the most challenging conditions to ensure their reliability and durability. Whether you're using a Fluke voltage tester, Fluke distance meter, or Fluke multimeter, you can rely on these instruments for reliable measurements, year in and year out.

Fluke for energy management

Fluke's extensive product range also includes instruments specially designed for energy management and audits, from energy loggers to thermal imaging cameras. With their advanced technology and constant innovation, Fluke offers tools that increase efficiency, save energy and minimize environmental impact.

Fluke at Klium

At Klium, you'll find a wide range of Fluke products, such as the renowned Fluke voltage tester, Fluke distance meter, and Fluke multimeter, along with numerous other professional testing and measurement instruments.

To provide a clear overview within the broad assortment of Fluke measurement and testing equipment, we use the following categories in our webshop:

Electrical testing and measurement instruments for everything related to electricity and electronics,

Intrinsic safety for all multimeters designed to ensure a safe environment,

Temperature measurement,

• Calibration instruments,

• Mechanical maintenance,

• Building infrastructure,

• And thermal imaging technology. In this category, you'll find thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermometers.

All necessary accessories for testing and measurement instruments can be found in the "Accessories" category.