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Fischer: Fastening systems for do-it-yourselfers and professionals

Fischer produces and sells different types of fastening systems for do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The range includes fastenings in nylon and chemical and steel fastenings. In addition, Fischer also offers other solutions such as fasteners for electro-seals, installation systems for pipelines, façade fasteners, screws, etc.

Fischer L-Boxx storage system

Organization, mobility and flexibility are crucial for every professional. In that respect it is essential that he always has the right equipment within reach. By always having to search for the right tools, the skilled person often loses valuable time. A new product from the Fischer brand that optimizes the working process and prevents loss of time is the Fischer L-Boxx system, which is easy to use on site.

Power-Fast Screwing range

The new Fischer brand range of screws sets a new standard on the market. The user-friendliness is extremely high. After all, the screws can be screwed in very quickly. Advantage of this screw: you have to make less effort, the finish is more beautiful and the working time you put in lower. The Power-Fast range includes wood screws, structural screws, façade screws, terrace screws, plaster screws, ... They are all available in different materials, versions and with different screw heads. The Fischer Power-Fast screws can be easily screwed in. The bit-intake on the screw head is considerably deeper than normal. This prevents the screw bit from rotating and damaging the screw head or the bit itself. The deep intake also prevents the screwdriver from jumping off the screw and causing injuries to the user's hands. Milling blades on the upper half of the screw shank then provide a considerable reduction of the screw-in resistance. The cutting teeth and a quality wax also help. Because the wire runs through to the tip, the Power-Fast guarantees the fastest grip from its class. The screw drills itself immediately in the wood at the first attempt without causing damage. Thanks to the super low resistance, the Power-Fast delivers a saving of effort and time.

With attention to the environment

By directing the view to the environmentally conscious consumer, the Fischer company responds to the ever increasing awareness of environmental issues. As the very first supplier of fastening systems, Fischer launches an environmentally friendly plug: the UX Green universal plug. This plug is composed of 58% recycled material.

Other products

Fischer also enlarges its offer with ready-made cement, a new chemical mortar for cracked concrete, a steel expansion anchor for concrete, a new range of concrete screws with several diameters and considerably better efficiency, etc. Custom insulation fittings from the Fischer brand prevent a thermal bridge and determine new standards in terms of economic efficiency and ecology. Fischer supplies the first and only chemical anchoring with 3 European Technical Approvals. The available grinding wheels are also of that typical Fischer quality and available at a competitive price

Trustworthy partner

Thanks to ETA approvals, Fisher is not only a very reliable partner for safety-relevant applications, but its products are also easy to install.