Festool, a favourite among professionals

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Festool, established in 1925, is a globally renowned brand known for its innovative solutions in electric and battery-powered tools. With a range that varies from the Festool sander to the Festool Domino and Festool plunge saw, the brand is synonymous with quality and precision. Festool is not just a tool manufacturer; it's a brand that enables individuals to work more efficiently and accurately.

Designed for pros

The company understands the challenges professionals face and develops products to address these challenges. Festool tools are designed for professionals who demand a lot from their tools. Thanks to innovative technologies, high quality, and detailed workmanship, Festool provides reliability, durability, and much more. Every item that bears the Festool label goes through rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure it meets the high standards Festool sets.

Festool accessories

Festool understands that good results start with the right tools. That's why this manufacturer has developed a wide range of accessories to make its tools even more versatile and useful. From saw blades and sandpaper to dust bags and guide rails, Festool accessories are designed to work seamlessly with their tools and help you complete every job successfully. A good example is the Festool sander, known for its efficiency and ability to achieve a superior finish. It's an essential tool for woodworkers, painters, and decorators. Or take the Festool Domino, a unique and innovative tool that revolutionizes how professionals make joints.

Festool Plunge Saw

Another popular product in the Festool range is the Festool plunge saw. With its precise cuts and the ability to cut at various angles, this saw has revolutionised woodworking. It enables precise, clean cuts, significantly reducing the need for rework.

System Solutions

Festool strives to not only make tools but complete system solutions. All Festool products are designed to work seamlessly together, simplify work, and increase efficiency. Every product is tested to rigorous standards to ensure it meets the high expectations of professionals. Choosing Festool means choosing reliability, efficiency, and precision. Whether you're a craftsman wanting to get the most out of your work, or an enthusiastic DIYer looking for professional-grade tools, Festool is a well-considered choice.

5 Year Warranty on Festool Tools

At Klium, we're proud to offer leading brands and products. We're confident that you'll be happy with them and remain so. That's why when you buy Festool tools from us, we offer an additional two years warranty on top of the Festool brand warranty. This means you get a massive 5-year warranty on your Festool tools.