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Fein power tools at Klium

Choose in the Klium webshop from a wide range of power tools and accessories by Fein. Fein amazes every user with its quality, level of craftsmanship and top-notch performance. Fein power tools and accessories are created for the toughest jobs in metal, construction, and industrial sectors. The Fein multimaster is a household name, but the other power tools of this A-brand are also popular among professionals. Our range of Fein power tools includes power tools for all various types of jobs. We also offer multitools, tapping machines and oscillating machines. In the accessories category you will find additional spare and extra parts, saw blades, batteries, and other accessories to make your work more practical and precise.

About Fein

Fein has been manufacturing, developing, and designing power tools for over 150 years. Entrepreneur and inventor Wilhelm Emil Fein invented the electric hand drill to make his own work easier. The world’s first power tool was the start of a whole series of innovative developments that made the Fein brand what it is today: a reliable partner for every company and a craftsman. Fein focuses primarily on the user of their tools. They want everyone who uses Fein tools to achieve results. Fein wants to connect people, machines and processes with high-quality, first-class power tools.