Facom, the European leader in hand tools

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Founded in 1918, Facom is a pioneer in the world of hand tools. With over a century of experience crafting top-quality tools, Facom has earned its place as a reliable partner for professionals across the globe. From the automotive industry to aviation, Facom tools are designed to meet the high demands of various sectors.

Facom, a multispecialist in tools

Facom is the largest brand of hand tools in Europe. Professionals worldwide have been relying on the quality of Facom tools for years. Today, the multi-specialist is present in the most diverse markets: mechanics, aviation, electricity, electronics, public works, construction, and automotive. Facom tools are designed to perform specific tasks in these various industries.

Innovative and efficient

Facom distinguishes itself through its innovative approach and the desire to provide professionals with efficient, reliable, and safe tools. Their tools are designed to meet the high demands of professionals, with functionality, ergonomics, and durability at the forefront. Through close collaboration with industry professionals during the design phase of its products, Facom guarantees that each tool meets the user's expectations.

The tools are also made to perform under the most demanding conditions. Each product undergoes rigorous testing ensuring it can withstand the harshest working conditions. With Facom, you can trust that your tools will have a long and reliable lifespan. Facom stands for quality, reliability, and innovation — everything you expect from professional tools.

Facom at Klium

Whether you're looking for a Facom tool trolley to organize your workspace, or a Facom tool box for efficient storage and transportation of your tools, you'll find it in our range. In addition to these storage solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of Facom hand tools, including screwdrivers, pliers, saws, hammers, and much more.

Facom Warranty: Lifetime!

Facom is so confident in the durability of its tools that the brand has maintained an impeccable warranty policy from the beginning. That means free exchange or repair. It's also important to note that there are no time restrictions.

How does that work at Klium? Simple: if the tool you purchased from us somehow breaks, contact us via chat, email, or phone. After that, we take over. We contact Facom and keep you informed about the exchange or repair process. Simple and fast!