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DEWALT: Powertools for wood and metalworking

The DeWALT brand mainly produces power tools for wood and metal processing. Easy handling and safety come first. In the Perform & Protect program, the person operating the machines is central. The main objective of the program is to exceed existing safety and health requirements. When developing new products, the themes below receive all the attention. They relate to real health risks for those who work with the tools day in and day out.


DeWALT tackles vibrations at the source. This using Active Vibration Control (AVC). The machines of the DeWALT brand often have the lowest vibration levels.

Dust control

DeWALT provides a comprehensive range of attachments and accessories to minimize exposure to dust. In the development of new machines the latest technology is used to reduce dust levels.


During drilling, there is a chance that the drill gets stuck. This can result in damage to the machine or even cause bodily injury. Drilling machines with the Perform & Protect logo are equipped with innovative safety functions for torque control. Key points of the brand are: development process, innovative products, high quality assortment and loyal customers.

Product development process

An average of 20,000 end users are contacted as part of the product development process. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of the applications that these users carry out, DeWALT can develop product properties that make a difference for their users.

Innovative products

In order to support their users and as a stimulus of the industry, the DeWALT brand develops innovative products in various categories:

  • Cordless tools - provides better access in confined spaces and increases efficiency for the user.
  • Tools for construction - DeWALT lasers have been developed according to the needs of the users; The WALT SDS-MAX hammers provide performance and protection for the user.

High quality range

The DeWALT brand supplies a wide range of high-quality electrical tools and professional accessories for the professional and the building contractor.

Loyal customers

The company has full confidence in its products and offers the users an excellent guarantee and service: quick repairs, high quality and fast availability of parts. Every repair performed is provided with a Repair Satisfaction Label.

Excellent reputation and strong in development

  • More than 30 years of experience in designing professional tools
  • More than 50 years of experience in developing world class drilling solutions that meet most demanding applications.