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Bosch power tools for professionals, industry and experienced do-it-yourselfers

Bosch power tools provide the best powerful cordless and electrical devices and products for every professional or handyman. At Klium, the Bosch product range is divided into four different groups:

Bosch Blue tools for professionals

Specially designed for professional craftsmen and industry, Bosch introduces the 'Bosch Blue' product range. The blue line introduces the best high-quality power tools intended for daily professional use. This range includes: Bosch cordless drills and drills, jigsaws, multitool, miter saws, rotary hammers, sanders, circular saws angle grinders & routers

Bosch Green tools for do-it-yourselfers

Discover the world of the Bosch power tools for do-it-yourselfers. Are you planning to build, renovate or decorate? Bosch Green power tools are specially designed for the DIYer who is looking for professional tools that are not used daily but still qualitatively and democratically priced, simultaneously. Unlike Bosch Blue, Bosch Green offers power tools suitable for both professionals and DIYers. Bosch Green tools are a must-have for every DIYer and made for every application in and around the house. The Bosch Green list includes: Garden tools and garden tools sets, Battery machines, Sanders,...

Bosch Accessories for power tools

Bosch accessories contribute accessories for power tools, universal and professional - offering you suitable and innovative accessories for every specific application. You can rely on genuine Bosch accessories for your: Jigsaw, Multicutter, Drill, Milling machine, Circular saw, ....

Bosch: widely represented in everyday life

Bosch is very well-known mainly because of its enormous range of power tools. The international Bosch Group is one of the largest industrial companies in the world today. The company is active in the development, production and sale of automotive materials, automation technology, packaging machines, power tools for professionals and DIYers, heating technology, household appliances and security technology. Bosch is the largest supplier to the automotive industry, with technological highlights such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the electronic stability program (ESP) as its main achievements. Anyone who purchases Bosch products know that they own a product of excellent quality made according to the most recent technological highlights and one that meets all safety standards.

Bosch's large-scale range of products

The Bosch product range includes many types of products for the professional and DIYer such as cordless machines, impact drills, saws, planers and sanders, grinding and milling machines, multifunctional machines, painting systems, high-pressure cleaners, digital measuring tools, all-purpose vacuum cleaners and a wide range of accessories. Additionally, Bosch also offers an assorted variety of garden tools.

Bosch: extensive collection of electric products

Although the electric range was specifically designed for professional craftsmen, it is also utilized by the handy do-it-yourselfer. The products are characterized by their excellent quality, innovative character and premium accessories. Bosch has the best power tool for every application, based on the most recent technology. The brand's equipment is solid, energetic and sturdy. Operating with these machines not only makes work more pleasant and accurate but also safer and more comfortable. For example, using Bosch tools with the intelligent Lithium-Ion battery gives the user optimum freedom of movement and maximum power. In addition to excellent product quality, Bosch is also known as a company with a competent customer service.

Bosch Warranty

Bosch tools have a standard warranty of 3 years for electric power tools and a 2-year premium service for batteries and re-charging devices. Klium offers customers an additional warranty on electric power tools top of the 3-year factory warranty: you get 2 more years of Klium warranty according to the same terms & conditions as the factory warranty after you successfully register your purchase at Bosch. You can find all details about registering for the additional warranty here.

Research, development and annual innovation at Bosch

Every year, Bosch brings dozens of innovative products to the market that helps professional users to do their work more efficiently and pleasantly. These innovations are developed by experts who take the latest technological gadgets into account. This way, new concepts are constantly being created that make the current range more appealing and attractive. An absolute world leader in technology and research, Bosch's high-tech equipment ranges from powerful electrical devices to positioning systems and from automotive components to control techniques. The research area spans from renewable energy sources to software and sensor technology, raw materials and manufacturing. The intense research that Bosch conducts guarantees the quality of the most best and complex tools that meet the requirements of the professional field.

Bosch Lithium-Ion battery system

The showpiece of Bosch Power Tools is the 18-volt lithium-ion battery system: one strong battery supplies the power for a whole series of Bosch tools. Using this advanced Lithium-Ion battery technology, Bosch produces the smallest and lightest batteries on the market with a range of significant benefits: Flexible & fast reloading: The battery can be charged at any time without damaging the cells. Lithium-ion batteries with 4.0 Ah capacity are fully charged in 45 minutes. Maximum performance: The battery always delivers maximum power, from the first screw to the last screw and from the first drill hole to the last drill hole. Reliable & Durable: A fully charged battery is still fully operational even after months of non-use. The effect remains powerful even at temperatures below 0 ° C degrees. Bosch coolpack is a special, heat-dissipating housing that prevents overheating of the battery cells and ensures a 100% longer life. Like all Bosch innovations, it is not only a feat of technological ingenuity but, a concrete and practical benefit for the user.

Bosch Compact series

Another revolutionary design is the Bosch Compact series. These are handy and compact electrical machines that suit every application. Bosch tools are ready for any application, whether in construction for renovation and decoration or DIY.

Bosch products: German precision

Robert Bosch founded the Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1886. That was the start of the company that is now known worldwide as Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch for short.

The logic behind the Bosch names

All Bosch power tools and machines have a specific designation. This designation is made up of various parts that indicate which machine is involved, such as a cordless drill/driver, the GSR 18 V-EC. We can break down the type number into four parts, each with its meaning: G = Product group (G comes from Gewerbliches Elektrowerkzeug: Industrial tools) SR = Machine type [Screwdriver / screwdriver (SchRauber)] 18 = Property such as capacity or power V-EC = Other properties