Bosch, the world's largest tool brand

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Bosch is an international technology and services company active in automotive and industrial technology, consumer products, energy, and construction technology.

The Power Tools division of Bosch is a global leader in electric tools and electric tool accessories. Bosch has two target audiences: Bosch Green for the hobby market and Bosch Blue for professionals. At Klium, we naturally carry the Bosch Blue range. Our extensive Bosch range includes all well-known Bosch products, including Bosch drills, circular saws, sanders, angle grinders, routers, and a range of other power tools.

Innovative and Problem-Solving

Bosch tools are characterized by their superior quality, innovative nature, and wide choice of handy accessories. For every application, Bosch has the right item based on the latest technology. In the product development process, Bosch works closely with professionals from the field and takes their wishes and requirements into account from the design phase.

BITURBO Brushless battery programme

A striking example of how Bosch innovates to make life easier for professionals is the BITURBO Brushless battery programme. Tools equipped with these batteries can handle the toughest materials and jobs. With just one powerful ProCORE18V battery, a Bosch drill or other BITURBO battery tool unleashes a power comparable to that of a 2,000 W mains-powered machine.

Robust and Durable

Bosch power tools are tested under the toughest conditions and in extreme work situations. Therefore, all professional electric and battery-powered tools from Bosch excel in reliability and a long, trouble-free lifespan.

Bosch Garden Tools

In addition to power tools for construction and industry, at Klium, you will also find an extensive range of garden tools from Bosch. Bosch is a leading brand in this field too. From lawnmowers to hedge trimmers and from leaf blowers to chainsaws, Bosch has everything for garden owners and professional gardeners. A significant contribution to easy and efficient gardening is the Bosch POWER FOR ALL 18V battery systems, which means you only need one battery for all your 18V tools. This system is also 100% compatible with all 18V devices from Bosch Home & Garden, Gardena, Bosch Household Appliances, and other reputable brands.

Bosch Warranty

Like all professional tool brands, Bosch provides a 3-year warranty on electric and measuring tools. In addition, the 2-year Bosch premium service applies to lithium-ion equipment, including batteries and chargers. If a defect occurs due to wear and tear, or if there is a material or manufacturing defect to a registered device, a battery, or a charger during the term of the premium service, Bosch will repair or replace it free of charge with a similar product.

When you buy Bosch tools at Klium, in addition to the brand warranty, the extra two years of Klium warranty also applies. This way, you are assured of 5 years of worry-free work with all professional Bosch power tools.