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Since 1888, Bollé Safety has been one of the world leaders in the field of eye protection. The brand stands for quality, modern production facilities, sustainability and a strong presence on the international market.

Eye protection with effective and innovative material

Bollé Safety does everything to constantly renew its products. By offering targeted technological and ergonomic solutions, it succeeds. Bollé Safety, for example, was the first French company to use the contrast technology to offer an alternative to clear glasses. Protection from laser radiation and safety glasses with integrated corrective lenses is also part of Bollé Safety's expertise.

Research and development

Bollé studies all possible dangers on the work floor, develops practical and technically feasible solutions and applies treatments that focus on certain risk situations. The designed applications must meet the most stringent European standards and they must be suitable for industry, public works, construction, aviation or the military. Bollé Safety continuously improves its models on a technological and ergonomic level and continuously renews its offer. Bollé Safety meets the needs of the professional field and can count on many satisfied customers.

Qualitative and standardized material for various applications in different sectors

Bollé Safety sells millions of safety glasses every year. The comprehensive range meets European safety standards for all market segments. The markings of glass and frames from Bollé Safety are typical for every product and for every application. They guarantee reliability and the resistance of the eye protection. A quality product ensures satisfied users. The emphasis is on conformity, effectiveness, alignment with the needs in the field, good service provision, continuous development and innovation through extensive research into new techniques for glass and protective layers and a frequent consultation of the satisfaction of the work field. All material from Bollé Safety complies with the REACH standard (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Products) which ensures that the raw materials used are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Strong brand

Bollé Safety grew out of a company culture of a sporty and stylish design that was taken over from the Bollé sunglasses. Providing the highest quality to the customers in every sector is Bollé's target. That is why it is a strong brand. Bollé Safety is a brand of the Bushnell Performance Optics group.