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Who says adhesive says BISON. Anyone who thinks about BISON thinks of glue.

The BISON brand has been the market leader in the adhesives and kits segment for decades. Adhesive from the BISON brand is the basis of every job, according to the critical do-it-yourselfer. Attach, repair, assemble and seal. Inside, outside, in the garden, in the caravan and on the boat. You can always count on the reliability, quality and ease of use of BISON. The brand has the right product for every application in its range.

Quality & Innovation

BISON stands for quality and innovation. In order to constantly guarantee this quality, the company works with a quality assurance system. This involves the entire process from incoming raw materials, production to final product and delivery according to prescribed procedures. This system is certified to ISO 9001. This ensures the user of guaranteed quality. Innovation and continuous product improvement, BISON attaches great importance to this. A perfect end result for the customer begins with the correct operation of products. The wishes of the customer are central from the very first moment. Quality means exceeding expectations. They see this as a challenge and certainly also as a duty, in which sustainability plays an important role.

Sustainability at Bison

Attention to the environment is central and translates into good and safe products. In addition, repairing with glue naturally reduces waste. Environmental awareness is at the heart of business management. Environmental measures apply in all areas - from product development and production processes to consumer use. At BISON they constantly find ways to protect the health of employees and millions of consumers and to keep the footprint on the environment as small as possible. An example of this is that the measures in the production process go far beyond the legal requirements. BISON's sustainability policy rests on four pillars:

  • Quality products
  • Innovative packaging
  • Clean production
  • Inspiring people

The right product for every application

  • Masking tape Adhesives: There is a glue for every job. From superglue to wallpaper glue and from household repair glue to assembly glue.
  • Tape Sealants: there are different types of sealants on the market for sealing joints, seams, cracks and cracks.
  • Fillers: For quick and easy sealing of unsightly holes, cracks or seams.
  • At home and at the office: material for all your craft work.
  • Tapes: Mounting is even faster, easier and above all more beautiful.
  • Cleaning products: for quick cleaning of hands and surfaces.
  • Air Max: Powerful solutions for fighting moisture problems and improving the living environment, in and around the house.
  • Sealants: Moisture can cause annoying problems. For example wet walls, mold or flooded cellars. BISON has the products to fight moisture.

Known products of the brand are Wall & Ready Wallpaper Glue, Poly Max, Mounting Kit, Bison Kit and Nexus Glue.

BISON International

BISON is part of BISON International BV that offers consumers and professionals worldwide the best solution for every glue, sealant and maintenance job. BISON has been part of the Bolton Group since 1996. This company manufactures and sells a range of high-quality products, many of which are market leaders in their category. Their portfolio comprises about 40 products in the sector of foodstuffs, detergents and cleaning products, personal care products, skin care, cosmetics and adhesives.


Since 1 July 2013, the European Construction Products Regulation (CPR) No. 305/2011 has been in force. This specifies the minimum requirements for construction products, which apply in areas such as safety, fire resistance and mechanical strength. Products that meet these requirements are recognizable by the CE logo. PVC adhesives, tile adhesives and chemical anchors from the BISON brand fall under these so-called construction products and comply with the CPR. From 1 July 2014, the sealants will also fall under this directive.