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Bahco is the international leader in quality hand tools, such as screwdrivers, hand saws, cutting pliers, various keys, water pump pliers, pipe wrenches, wire cutters, ratchet and ring wrenches. The products are characterized worldwide by the well-known 'fish and hook' logo.

Innovation, ergonomic design, excellent performance and high efficiency

Bahco is known for its innovative product development. Since the manufacture of the pipe wrench in 1886, an instrument that can grip screws, nuts and bolts of various sizes, more and more tools have been developed that have been characterized by their innovative character, user-friendliness and high efficiency. In addition, Bahco won the most famous design prizes for these designs. The excellent tool is functional, innovative, original and user-friendly.

Excellent properties for every sector

Extreme robustness, strength, reliability and a long service life. They are all characteristics that professionals require of tools. The innovative character and unrivaled quality - typical of Bahco tools - are still supported alongside efficiency, ergonomics, ease of use, quality and design. Bahco wants to offer the professional, in which sector he is active, the best tools for the most diverse assignments. That is the reason why he wants to use Bahco products. In each segment there are supplementary products on the market that respond to the specific needs of the sector.


The Swedish Bahco originated from Enköpings Mekaniska Verkstad. When the company was incorporated into BA Hjorth & Co, the name was shortened in Bahco, a brand that is synonymous with innovation, user-friendly design and excellent craftsmanship. Bahco is still a world player in hand tools and the sign of SNA Europe. The successful Swedish company is known for its combination of supply and knowledge of the international work field, so that professionals and do-it-yourselfers can work optimally with the right tools worldwide.