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Yokota Air Tools

The Yokota air tools are known to be the best. At Klium, you can order drills, needle-scaler, hammers and impact wrenches of this top quality brand. Yokota combines precision with high productivity. Air tools are indispensable in every toolkit today. The higher quality in bolted connections requires systems with better handling and control, and Yokota tools are a perfect fit for the job. During the production process of the tools, Yokota emphasizes the ergonomics of each of them. Thus, each product offers the best possible comfort to the operator since higher comfort equals higher productivity.

About Yokota

The Japanese company has more than 90 years of experience in the production of high-quality tools in various industries. Yokota is the leading supplier of high-quality pneumatic air tools, electric tools, and petrol tools. They also produce a wide range of industrial machinery and accessories for the construction and automotive industry. The Japanese mentality of the company ensures a philosophy in which the product always comes first. The whole team works 100% on the best solutions for the tool, the working environment, and the operator. Yokota keeps its customers in mind, wherever they are located, and aims for them to have excellent experiences using Yokota tools.