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Wiha tools

Wiha is a leading manufacturer of hand tools for professional use in industry and crafts, based in Schonach in the Black Forest in Germany. Founded in 1939 as a small family business, Wiha today supports users worldwide with a range of more than 3,500 precision tools and has built a reputation as a highly innovative company. The name Wiha stands for innovative professional quality tools, such as screwdrivers, torque tools, spanners, bits, plastic hammers, pliers, measuring tools and flexible hoses.

Wiha screwdrivers

To see how Wiha combines design and function to support professionals in their work, we can look at the screwdrivers of this brand. The Wiha range offers special screwdrivers for every application, such as SoftFinish screwdrivers for dry applications, MicroFinish screwdrivers for damp and oily working environments, and precision screwdrivers for screwing electrostatically sensitive components or insulated, VDE-certified screwdrivers.