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Tork offers its customers professional solutions for their hygiene needs. Tork's extensive range of quality products has excellent characteristics and is second to none in terms of performance. This quality is further emphasized by excellent customer service consisting of training, technical advice and service. Tork perfectly meets the specific needs of its target groups. Both in the kitchens of top restaurants, the workshops of companies and in the toilets of stations, Tork provides the easiest and best solutions in terms of hygiene. The Tork range consists of high-quality tissue products such as cleaning paper and cloths (essential for optimum hygiene and efficiency), from beautiful and practical dispensers, but also from excellent advice and reliable service. This service varies from the formulation of basic rules to a thorough training for better hygiene.

Tork products offer qualitative added value

Tork supplies its products worldwide to the hotel and catering industry, the food industry, health care, education, factories, the public sector, the cleaning industry etc. Through years of experience and expertise, the brand is today the market leader in products and services that improve hygiene and cleaning make it easier and more efficient. The properties of the Tork products are specific to the applications for which they have to serve. Dispensers are efficient in cost price, contribute to an environmentally friendly environment and have a beautiful design. In the catering industry, Tork provides serviettes, tablecloths, total solutions in kitchens, cleaning and toilet products for a better appearance and excellent hygiene in brasseries and restaurants. Tork also guarantees total hand hygiene in the healthcare and medical sector by offering effective products and by giving advice on following health rules. Tork offers sophisticated and efficient solutions to simplify and facilitate tasks for the personnel in the cleaning sector. The brand ensures that companies can achieve the best end result by giving the staff optimal support with the most suitable material.

Extensive and diverse assortment

With its extensive product range, Tork wants to respond to the diverse needs of customers. Tork's total solutions consist of high-quality tissue products and attractive dispensers that suit every interior, as well as professional advice and excellent service. They are specially designed to save customers time and money, reduce the amount of waste and increase the comfort of users. They contribute to higher productivity, better quality, perfect cleaning and improved ergonomics.

SCA Group

Tork is part of the portfolio of the international SCA Group which is active in more than 100 countries in the development, production and sale of paper products, personal care products and packaging materials.