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Tesa SE is a world leader in the sale of self-adhesive products and system solutions for industry, trade and consumers. Tesa products can be used for many applications: from adhesive tape for the graphic and paper industry to precision solutions for mobile telephony, digital cameras or LCD screens to fraud-resistant labels that are applied with the help of lasers. Tesa also develops applications for the automotive industry that have to ensure a better organization of all kinds of cables. Other system solutions help with sound insulation, make painting easier or improve the application of upholstery. Up to 50 different Tesa products can be used in the production of a car.

In addition to the traditional adhesive tape, Tesa now has more than 6500 products, divided into 10 product segments, on offer. Because of the exceptional quality and extensive range, Tesa is one of the strongest brands on the international market. Thanks to her years of expertise in coating techniques and through the design and development of excellent tapes and innovative products and techniques, Tesa has become world leader in various application domains.

The adhesives used, such as natural rubber, polyacrylates and new products such as thermoplastic elastomers, are of excellent quality. The main properties of the Tesa tapes are adhesion strength, temperature resistance, mechanical load and tensile strength. In every application area, the characteristics of the recommended Tesa products are of high quality.

Extensive application area

Of the products produced worldwide, ¾ is sold in the industry where they contribute to a reduction of costs, the improvement of various operating processes and the delivery of better products. The rest of the turnover is realized in the traditional sector for daily use in the office, at home or in the garden where the Tesa solutions contribute to a better organization and to the improvement of the quality of life. In the car industry, printing and paper industry, electromechanics & electronics and the packaging industry, reliable and efficient Tesa products are often used.

Research and development

Innovation is the foundation of the success story of Tesa and the stimulating factor of the growth of the company. In our own research centers, skilled employees work to transform creative and innovative ideas for products, applications and solution technologies and to optimize the existing range. Every year patents are applied for about 70 new products developed in our own research centers in Germany, USA, Japan, Singapore and China. Developing new adhesive solutions for an efficient organization of the labor process is the main principle of Tesa. These innovative solutions must support the new trends of the market sector and meet the specific requirements of the target group. The innovative drive is strategically important for Tesa. Permanent growth, competitive ability and further market exploitation are possible thanks to research into new adhesives, innovative tape components and new advanced technologies. Furthermore, Tesa also takes into account various technical and economic factors, with a thorough market study and examines environmental problems with a focus on the reduction of the use of solvents in the manufacturing process.

Global success

One of the pillars of Tesa's success is the close collaboration with the customers. By carefully examining the production process carried out by technical staff and engineers, Tesa can list the requirements that the products must meet. Based on this, the correct adhesive tapes are selected and suitable individual solutions are developed. Tesa also has technical adhesive tapes in precise die-cut form, roll or coil form. All adhesive solutions from Tesa meet the strictest quality standards because production takes place in our own factories that manufacture according to international standards.

The company Tesa

Tesa SE, based in Hamburg, Germany, belongs to the Beiersdorf group - known as a manufacturer of international cosmetic brands such as NIVEA - and has been an independent company since 2001. The company has 100 years of experience and more than 6500 Tesa products are sold in more than 100 countries. In industry, Tesa works with its customers to improve production processes and realize cost savings.