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Teroson is Henkel's brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcement. Product names such as Teroson MS 93, Teroson RB R2000 and Teroson WX 210 are widely used in the automotive sector and industrial assemblies. Teroson offers system solutions for a variety of applications and work environments.

Teroson in the metal industry and automotive

Teroson provides tailor-made solutions for the entire value chain of the automotive and metalworking industry. These solutions enable manufacturers to better respond to trends such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and vehicle weight reduction. The same goes for the metalworking industry, where Teroson provides solutions for the entire process, from metal coils and metal processing to finished metal products, including metal packaging.

Teroson in packaging and consumer goods

Teroson develops innovative solutions that respond to global consumer trends, such as the growing demand for more sustainability. Teroson solutions for packaged foods, hygiene products, clothing, furniture and more contribute to a circular economy.

Teroson in electronics

Teroson Electronics & Industrials offers a specialized range of high-impact engineering solutions for electronic and industrial companies. Teroson solutions for bonding, sealing or coating have been used in creating countless products that everyone is familiar with.

Teroson in construction, craft and DIY

Teroson serves construction customers, craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers with an extensive range of products. The range includes adhesives and sealants for use in and around the house, building materials and sealing solutions for tiles, windows, facades, basements, roofs and floors.