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In addition to all kinds of wheels, characterized by a forward-looking design, unrivaled precision, quality, functionality and durability, TENTE offers customers optimum service, advice and expertise on mobility. This is to make life easier through better mobility. TENTE supplies reliable, quality wheels and processes, systems and relevant solutions to improve living and working conditions. With modern and adapted means, the company brings mobility to the required level.

Extensive range of wheels

Wheels of the brand TENTE function well and look good too. A contemporary design is one of the strengths with which it already won numerous awards. The product range of TENTE is aimed at four sectors: TENTE Institutional, TENTE Medical, TENTE Industrial and TENTE Heavy Duty.

TENTE Institutional supplies polyvalent wheels that can be used anywhere: from the designer chair, the shopping cart, the furniture wheel to the trolley wheel. Firmness, reliability, durability and a good view are the most important characteristics.

TENTE Medical supplies a wide range of quality wheels for care and hospital beds.

TENTE Industrial offers wheels for frequent use in industrial applications in dusty, humid and difficult conditions.

Finally, TENTE Heavy Duty has a wide range of reliable rolling stock for the transport of heavy goods.

Research and development

The technical staff at TENTE want the sectors in which the wheel plays a major role to make a big leap forward by designing, developing and implementing unparalleled, qualitative and progressive products. These new and improved products show a bold, but realistic vision of the future that was developed together with the professional field. By working closely together with manufacturers from the various target groups during the development phase, the company comes to new approaches that provide real added value in the production of many applications. The expertise of TENTE has allowed - in collaboration with the various sectors - to develop systems that offer solutions to problems and challenges that arise in reality. The prototypes are extensively tested through a variety of realistic simulations and extreme tests. The TENTE solutions are always the best thanks to their progressive techniques, their creative innovation and their guarantee of sublime quality.

The company TENTE

The history of TENTE started in 1923 with the sale of ball rollers and wheels for sliding doors of cabinets. Eleven years later, the company also started producing wheels itself, and today the quality products and innovative ideas from TENTE have conquered the world market. The leadership position of TENTE is supported by leading and revolutionary products manufactured by experienced constructors and designers with their own techniques. TENTE thus supplies quality products that are functional, reliable and robust. TENTE produces more than 10,000 types of wheels that are always tuned to the concrete use of the wheel. The company has the possibility to deliver large quantities in a very short time because the production process has remained as much as possible in-house. With three large high-bay warehouses in Tente (Germany) and many subsidiaries and subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia and South Africa, customers can be helped very quickly.