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TEC7 MS POLYMER GRAY TEC7 - 310ML (12 PCS.) - TEC7 535306000-12

In stock TEC7 535306000-12-TEC7 MS POLYMER GRAY TEC7 - 310ML (12 PCS.)-klium
TEC7 535306000-12-TEC7 MS POLYMER GRAY TEC7 - 310ML (12 PCS.)-klium
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  • Brand TEC7
  • Reference TEC7 535306000-12

Product description:
Seal, glue and assemble everything

  • Unique bonding ability
  • On wet and dry surfaces
  • High UV and mold resistance


  • After curing super strong and permanently elastic.
  • Free from phthalates, solvents and isocyanates.
  • Safe on mirrors, no marking on natural stone.
  • Almost odorless.
  • Also on a damp, smooth surface.
  • Mildew and bacteria resistant.
  • Water and airtight.
  • Can be used on most building materials.
  • Chemical resistance:
    • Good: water, seawater, aliphatic solvents, oils, fats, dilute organic acids, lyes
    • Moderate: esters, ketones, aromatics.
    • Bad: concentrated acids, chlorinated solvents, chlorine from swimming pools
  • Non-toxic
  • Curing: 23 ° C 50% RH
    • 24h - 6mm
    • 48h - 7mm
    • 72h - 8mm
  • Tensile strength:
    • After 7 days: 260 N / cm²,
    • After 1 month: 280 N / cm²,
    • After 3 months: 310 N / cm².


  • For all applications in the construction world, sanitary world and general maintenance. Tec7 replaces mounting glue, wood glue, PU glue, silicone sealant, sanitary silicone sealant, acrylic sealant, butylene sealant.
  • Tec7 adheres to most surfaces and does not attack plastics.
  • On mirrors (vertical adhesive strips), on natural stone (does not bleed through), on polyester, on styrofoam, on a damp surface, even under water.
  • Paintable with the most common paints.
  • Alkyd-based lacquer, which is applied to Tec7, will dry more slowly.
  • Tec7 has less adhesion to PP, PE, bitumen and silicone.


  • Processing temperature between + 5 ° C and + 40 ° C.
  • Apply on a clean, dust and grease free surface.
  • If necessary, clean with Tec7 Cleaner or Multiclean.
  • Apply with hand or air pressure gun (best with telescopic piston).
  • Test adhesion on plastics, powder coatings, exotic woods and bituminous materials. Reinforce weak and / or porous surfaces with Fixprimer.
  • Alkyd resins will cure slowly.
  • Use Tec7 Cleaner for safe cleaning and degreasing, for a perfect finish and for removing uncured Tec7 polymers. Use HP Clean for finishing on porous materials.
  • For mirror bonding in sanitary rooms, only apply vertical adhesive strips to avoid stagnant moisture due to condensation.
  • Ideal adhesive thickness for optimum bonding strength: 3 mm.

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