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Tec7 is known as the best means to glue, seal and fasten. Professionals as well as the better do-it-yourselfers use Tec7 products because they can replace most glues in practically all conditions. Professionals know the qualitative products of Tec7. Choosing a product from the Tec7 range is choosing quality, ergonomics, excellent price / quality ratio and a product that meets the criteria of the professional field.

A limited collection with a wide scope

The polymer Tec7, successfully developed by Novatech, was exceptional because it immediately replaced a number of agents, glues and cartridges. Tec7 stands for a limited collection with a wide scope. That is the TEC7 ideology. The possibilities of these products are so extensive that many professionals use them very handy and inventive. Every day the company is overwhelmed by the creativity with which the Tec7 products are used by consumers. The same characteristics that characterize Tec7, the customer can find in the offer that was developed in connection with the original Tec7. For each domain, the firm is looking for the most favorable combination to be able to realize various useful applications with one product, each with innovation, usability and versatility in mind. Every product must belong to the top in its domain.

Quality and good service

Tec7 only wants to develop, produce and deliver high-quality products to professionals and do-it-yourselfers to facilitate their work and to support them expertly. An excellent service is certainly a must. Tec7's research department continually develops new products in which the professional field is regularly consulted so that the brand really meets the needs of the professionals and offers a real solution to the problems raised.

Gluing, sealing, fixing

The polyvalent Tec7 can do it all and perfectly replaces all other means. In addition, the Tec7 range offers many other interesting applications such as smooth sealing, degreasing and cleaning, filling, insulation, anchoring and repairing. The durable and well-balanced tube guns from Tec7 are also user-friendly and indispensable for professionals and better do-it-yourselfers.


The Belgian family business Novatech developed into the company Tec7 and has grown into a multinational. At present they are present in various European, African and Asian countries. They offer their customers the means to offer their clientele an excellent service with an extremely qualitative product.