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The name Swarfega is synonymous with industrial hand cleaning and was the first-hand sanitiser of its kind in the world. The classic green gel was invented in 1947 by British chemist Audley Bowdler Williamson. Since then, the Swarfega brand has grown to include a range of over 40 specialist cleaning products, from hand sanitisers to surface cleaners.

Heavy-duty cleaners

Swarfega Hand Cleanser is a gelatinous, thixotropic substance, dark green or orange in colour, which is particularly effective at removing grease, oil, printing ink or general stubborn, hydrophobic dirt from the skin. The effectiveness of Swarfega is due to its hydrophobic ingredients, including medium-chain alkanes and cycloalkanes. Swarfega is used by working a small amount into dry skin and then wiping or rinsing. Because of its unsurpassed performance, you can find Swarfega everywhere, from garages to machine shops.