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STOKO Skin Care is the European market leader in the care, protection and cleaning of the skin for work-related skin problems. This company manufactures high-quality cosmetic products for consumers worldwide. The products of STOKO are all perfectly matched to the skin, very effective and have an excellent price / quality ratio.

Research and development

The quality of STOKO's products can fall back on 75 years of experience and on the input of the R & D department. Experienced experts develop and test the products of STOKO in accordance with the current knowledge of science and this in cooperation with the most renowned external institutions. Hereby is anticipated quickly on the skin problems of which mention is made from the field. STOKO takes account of legislation and standards in the development and production of new products and always chooses high-quality raw materials in accordance with ecological, cosmetic and dermatological conditions. At each stage of the development process, the compatibility of the product composition is tested against European standards. The test methods to investigate skin tolerance and the effectiveness of the products are continuously renewed and improved by the company. The tests are carried out in the own biophysical labs, under the supervision of neutral dermatologists and under the control of external, reputable institutions. Manufacture and packaging takes place in modern production centers that take into account the legislation that applies in the cosmetics world and the high quality requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. The production is done according to the quality standard EN ISO 9001.

Prevention of occupational skin diseases

STOKO Skin Care provides high-quality products for every job for optimum protection, cleaning, hygiene and skin care together with compatible dispensing agents. For good prevention and treatment of occupational skin diseases, training and motivation of employees are also required, apart from excellent products. To this end, STOKO offers courses, workshops and demonstration material to provide employees with information about specific skin risks associated with their job, to inform them about the available resources and to teach them the correct use of them. It is also STOKO's intention to motivate the target group to use these products effectively. A network of skincare experts, skilled staff and STOKO scientific advisors provides support to employees to find a quick solution for every skin problem that occurs.


STOKO Skin Care is a product line of Evonik Industries AG, an international group from Germany that by offering the right products, wants to give solutions for the current trends in the industry: from energy saving, about health and well-being to globalization. Evonik Industries provides an international sales network for the products of STOKO Skin Care. In 1935 STOKO brought the first soap-free skin cleanser on the market. For example, STOKO already made it possible to clean the skin on the work floor with the necessary softness. Today the brand guarantees a cleansed, well-groomed skin in every work-related situation. STOKO Skin Care employs about 220 people and produces 50 different products in Germany and the United States.