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Every user knows Stanley from the handy breakers. But the brand has so much more to offer. Stanley's hand tools are known for their exceptional quality. That reputation was and is being worked hard. In order to guarantee quality and perfect operation, Stanley products are continually tested and the designs regularly adapted. Because of this alone, it can remain the primus in the sector.

Extensive range

The functional and user-friendly tools consist of wheel gauges, planes, files, rasps, knives, saws, axes, spirit levels, screwdrivers, bits and drills, hammers and chisels, keys, pliers and scissors, flashlights, fastening tools, clamps and bench screws, tools for drywall and the plumbing. This extensive range is further supplemented with more sophisticated tools such as lasers, laser accessories, measuring and marking tools. Stanley is known for developing tools that prove its worth every day in the industry and for do-it-yourselfers, such as the PowerLock roll meter, the Bailey planer, the Sunform cutter and the FatMax range. In the field of tool innovation, Stanley is the world leader in the tools and tools sector.

Superior qualitative properties

Stanley's products have an excellent quality, are user-friendly and functional, are constantly renewed and have been operationalally perfected. These characteristics are a result of the expertise and creativity present within the firm. Stanley's goal is to offer the industry, craftsmen and do-it-yourselfers tools and working methods that offer a perfect solution in many cases. The range is powerful, innovative, indefatigable and offers professionals worldwide support in all their activities.

Professional knowledge and a good reputation

The Stanley brand came into being in 1843 when Frederick Stanley opened a small store in Connecticut to sell tools from iron. His attention to quality, innovation and continuous improvement is still what the Stanley brand stands for today. In 2010, Stanley Black & Decker was established, a collaboration between two tool brands with the necessary expertise and a long-standing reputation. Even now both brands continue to use their expertise to provide industry, user and professional quality tools with great ease of use.