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In 1886, Anton Ullrich and his brother Franz patented a spring-loaded joint for folding rules. That was the beginning of Stabila and the birth of the folding rule as we know it today. Over the years, the German company has developed many new products. The Stabila digital spirit level is today the standard in its field. Stabila combines innovative technology with sophisticated design to help professionals perform their work faster, easier and more effectively. The IP65 dust and water-resistant digital spirit levels are good examples of this. Illuminated displays on the front and top of the tool can be easily viewed from any angle. And with acoustic signals, the measurement results are indicated when you can't see the tool itself.

Features of Stabila measuring instruments

Features common to all Stabila electronic measuring instruments include reliable sensors with long service life and a high degree of protection against the ingress of water or solids, such as dust and chips. A sophisticated combination of sensors and software ensures fast and accurate measurements. Acoustic guidance with three different signals enables quick alignment in all working conditions.