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SPC is an American manufacturer of adsorbent materials from polypropylene. The products of this brand are mainly used in industry, when using chemical products, but also for the cleaning of oil leaks to limit the damage to the environment. The absorption products and collection reservoirs from SPC are an effective protection against leaks that can occur unexpectedly and ensure a clean and safe workplace. The reliable absorbers ensure the safety of the company personnel and the protection of the factory equipment. The material is known for its versatility. In maintenance it can serve as a polishing cloth, as a floor covering around the machinery, but also as a dam against leaking liquids. For whatever application the resources are used, they are all known for their user-friendliness and their cost savings, ensure a safe working environment and are indispensable for an efficiently operating factory.

Extensive and diverse offer

SPC offers an extensive and diverse range consisting of universal and oil-absorbent cloths, stockings, cushions, hoses, rolls, rolls and lids for barrels, so that it can respond to every demand from the business world. The range is further supplemented with special materials for applications at sea and in shipping, filters, collection containers and accessories.

Multiple strengths

SPC is the expert in excellent and reliable absorbers. In order to come up with even better absorption solutions and to develop even more user-friendly and efficient concepts, the brand can fall back on an excellent research and development cell. Another asset is the network of distributors where customers can go for individually adapted solutions for their specific activities. The customers receive information about novelties, all possibilities and solutions.

Sorbent Products Company

SPC, or the Sorbent Products Company, was established in the United States in 1977 and has been part of the Brady Corporation since 2007. This group has given the company international strength and a financial injection. SPC is now fully investing in new infrastructure, new products and new technology. The company supplies customers in more than 55 countries worldwide. SPC produces its adsorption materials in the United States, Belgium and China.