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SOUDAL 130283-SOUDAL EPDM MEMBRANE FIX 0.8 X 150 MM / 20 M-klium
SOUDAL 130283-SOUDAL EPDM MEMBRANE FIX 0.8 X 150 MM / 20 M-klium
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  • Brand SOUDAL
  • Reference SOUDAL 130283
  • Ean 5411183134133

Product description

  • Air and waterproof membrane
  • EPDM membrane for a weather-resistant seal in external facade applications, with 20 mm self-adhesive butyl strip.
  • Soudal EPDM Membrane facade strips provide a durable watertight and airtight seal around facade elements and on windowsills and sills.
  • According to CE: EN 13984. Thickness: 0.8 mm. Different roll widths available.


  • Air and watertight
  • Self-adhesive strip for bonding to the facade element/window frame (= time-saving installation)
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation and all weather influences
  • Alkali resistant
  • Resistant to micro-organisms
  • Permanently elastic
  • flexible
  • High tear resistance
  • Complies with EN13984

Product description

  • For airtight and watertight sealing of connections, wall feet (protection against rising moisture) and window and door connections: outer side inner leaf (for applying the facade insulation), outer side of solid walls, outside of ventilated facades and under window sills or sills.


  • Depending on the situation, the installation of EPDM Membrane Fix can be carried out before or after the installation of the facade element (eg window frame). Cut EPDM Membrane Fix 10 cm to 20 cm longer than the length of the relevant facade element (eg window frame). This gives 5 cm to 10 cm on both sides to overlap the corners. Partially remove the protective foil from the self-adhesive strip so that EPDM Membrane Fix can be glued to the facade element (eg window frame). Remove the protective film evenly and then press firmly over the entire length to be covered. Avoid folds (= possible air leakage). Start at the bottom of the building element and work your way up for good drainage. After installing the facade element, fill the connection with the structural work with a suitable PU foam (eg Flexifoam). After the foam has hardened (and possibly cut it off), EPDM Membrane Fix is glued on the structural side with Soudaseal EPDM. To do this, apply a 5 to 6 mm thick and uninterrupted (= airtight!) adhesive bead. Calculate +/- 1 bead of glue per 5 cm EPDM width. Stick the foil, not too tightly, on the shell to absorb any movement between the different building elements, but avoid folds. Then press the foil evenly with a pressure roller so that a 1 to 2 mm thick adhesive layer is created, approximately 25 mm wide. In this way there is sufficient bonding surface and the glue can harden well. The overlapping parts of the EPDM Membrane Fix (eg in the corners) must be glued using Soudaseal EPDM. The bonding can only be loaded after complete curing of the adhesive. Consult the technical data sheet of the adhesive for this.

Features for SOUDAL EPDM MEMBRANE FIX 0.8 X 150 MM / 20 M

width 150 m
thickness 0.8 mm
material EPDM
roll length 20 m