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Soudal: silicone, sealants and glues

Soudal NV is a leading European manufacturer of silicones, sealants, adhesives, polyurethane based foams, sealant guns and other products for an optimal solution for construction, jointing, insulation and sealing applications in the construction industry, industry and for do-it-yourselfers. Soudal is known for its innovative products, its reliability, consumer-oriented solutions and excellent after-sales service.

Innovation & quality

With the SMX technology, on which Soudal has a patent, the company has a wide range of adhesives and joints that are harmless in use because they do not contain dangerous solvents. As a market leader, Soudal has always been a forerunner in delivering quality. This in terms of both its products and services, which was confirmed by obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate. Soudal provides full support on a voluntary basis if business relations in the company want to conduct a screening. This openness only benefits the partner relations. Soudal has obtained the international and local certificates from practically all its products from the competent test bodies.

Diverse offer

In addition to MS polymer, Soudal's most progressive and world-renowned adhesive, the company offers a wide choice of grouts such as silicone, acrylates and polyurethanes (PU), the largest choice of polyurethane foam in atomisers, fire-resistant products and a wide range of adhesives for the construction industry, the automotive industry and DIY sector. More and more, compositions in the industry are glued. The great choice in MS polymer and PU binders from Soudal offers an optimal solution for every application.

  • Repairs such as bodywork require materials with perfect adhesion, high strength and smooth filler. Soudal has the ideal polyester filler for every application.
  • For an optimal anti-rust treatment Soudal has an extensive product range with which even cavities, thresholds and the bottom of a vehicle can be treated for a long time.
  • Soudal is a chemical anchor for the tightening of a heavy load.

Soudal in the world

The head office of Soudal is located in Turnhout. Several branches worldwide provide excellent professional and logistical service. In addition, Soudal also has production sites in Lyon and Leverkusen in addition to the two production centers in Turnhout, each of which meets the quality standards set. A globally branched network of subsidiaries and subcontractors contributes to the high level of quality of the products and services provided by Soudal.