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Soudal is Europe's largest independent producer of mastics, adhesives, and PU foams for both professional and private users. The Belgian family business, founded in Turnhout in 1966 by Vic Swerts, has grown into a globally operating expert in chemical construction specialties. The Soudal group is represented in 140 countries with around 4,000 employees worldwide.


Innovation is at the heart of the success of the Soudal Group. New product development, technologies, and production methods is an ongoing process. A team of highly qualified researchers, engineers, and technicians are constantly working on developing new products and applications tailored to the specific needs of customers in each country. This has resulted in groundbreaking products such as Soudal Repair Express, Soudal Fix All, and Soudal Expanding Foam.

Versatile Product Range

Soudal manufactures products for its own brand and private labels in 7 groups: silicones and other mastics, PU foams, adhesives, hybrid polymers, technical aerosols, and construction chemistry. With its own brands, Soudal focuses on three market segments: construction, industry, and retail.

Besides MS polymer, the world-renowned adhesive from Soudal, the range includes a wide choice of sealants such as silicones, acrylics, and polyurethanes (PU), the largest choice of polyurethane foam in sprayers, fire-safe products, and an extensive range of adhesives for the construction industry, the automotive industry, and the DIY sector. The wide choice of MS Polymer and PU binders from Soudal offers an optimal solution for every application.


Soudal is a pioneer in developing products designed for building safely and sustainably. The company has been involved with energy saving long before it became a global issue. Since 1966, Soudal's slogan has been 'Build the Future'. For over 30 years, Soudal has been tackling the climate challenge through optimisation processes at three different levels: energy, materials, and packaging. The most modern production technology limits energy and water use and reduces waste. The well-being of users and employees is, of course, a given.