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Sortimo boxes and cases

A productive day starts with good organisation. Whether at home, on the work floor, or in your mobile working environment, organising your work items leads to enhanced productivity in your day-to-day work and a clear headspace. Sortimo offers you the ideal solution. The Sortimo tool BOXXes and cases ensure that you can transport all your tools and small parts in a tidily, sorted, securely stored, and carefully arranged way. Choose, for example, the classic metal tool case - the loyal partner of many craftsmen. The Sortimo metal cases are reliable and practical thanks to the many inset boxes (with transparent lids) and different heights. Or, choose a modern variant with the lightweight L-BOXXes: An ideal box for the safe transport of materials, machines, and tools. The L-BOXXes are equipped with an intelligent click system that makes it easy to connect and separate several boxes - a top-of-the-range concept that is sure to make travelling with your tools way easier.

About Sortimo

For more than 50 years, Sortimo has offered organisation and order to its users. It is also the creator of the legendary metal case, with the small plastic inset boxes, that has become the choice of every craftsman. The innovative idea filled a gap in the market. Finally, Sortimo also managed to manufacture a case which provided workers with an overview of all their tools and equipment. It was the start of a new company that was fully committed to maintaining order in every company because systemized arrangements equal increased productivity. At Klium, you can find the best of their intelligent solutions at the most competitive prices.