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SMC Pneumatics NV is part of SMC Corporation, the world leader in the field of pneumatics and the largest supplier of pneumatic components in the world. SMC's operating systems enjoy an excellent reputation because of their performance, efficiency, quality, good price / quality ratio and fast delivery times. In the last twenty years, more and more solutions based on pneumatics have been used in industry. Pneumatic equipment is easy to use, non-polluting, safe and relatively quiet, helps companies save energy and is gentle on the environment.

Spacious and diverse range with excellent properties

The wide range of SMC includes various products such as actuators, valves, couplings, air conditioning, measuring instruments, vacuum products, specific products and accessories that provide the necessary support in the field of pneumatics. Using advanced technology, SMC can offer its customers a complete solution regarding automation after a thorough study of the problems. The control of the movements sent by pneumatic SMC equipment is accurate and very precise. SMC can respond worldwide to the specific needs of the field because it can call upon a highly competent Research & Development division, sufficient storage and transport capacity and a smooth and smooth production facility. The scope of SMC equipment is broad and diverse: from the automotive industry, the electronics industry, the photovoltaic industry, the printing industry, the food and beverage industry to the scientific study of living organisms (life sciences). SMC Pneumatics has 11000 products that can be delivered in 630000 versions.

Research and development

SMC invests a great deal of time, money and energy on research and development to further investigate the possible applications of pneumatic control equipment and to provide an ever increasing added value. The brand also meets the most stringent rules regarding quality and performance. SMC products are the best in the industry thanks to their innovative properties, their high quality and their ability to respond to the problems in the sector. SMC works with its customers on automation solutions that perform every movement with the greatest accuracy and precision. The pneumatic control devices from SMC are known for their good performance, excellent quality at the right price and fast delivery. Worldwide, hundreds of SMC technical staff are available to take stock of customer inquiries, develop new equipment and solution techniques and continuously improve them. SMC makes every company the primer in its sector. The success of the SMC products and their solutions is thanks to skilled technical staff with a high level of education and with the necessary expertise in modern pneumatic techniques, to skilled sales engineers with the necessary experience and to excellent service and marketing.


SMC Pneumatics NV is part of SMC Corporation, which employs 15,000 people worldwide and has a turnover of 3.1 billion dollars. The SMC Corporation has production facilities in 27 countries and sales points in 67 countries.