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SKF - Bearings

The SKF Group is a supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, assembly tools, lubrication systems, maintenance products and services, such as technical support. The known top quality of these products and services is the result of the unrivaled expertise of the SKF group. With years of experience in various product segments, SKF can offer services tailored to the specific needs of one of its 40 customer segments. For example, SKF helps to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and total costs and yet add value to SKF. SKF is best known for its very high quality bearings. The SKF Group pays a great deal of attention to research and development and that forms the basis for new standards, products and innovative solutions in the world of bearings.

A lower for every problem

Many of the defects to bearings are caused by faulty assembly, insufficient or poor lubrication, dirt and material fatigue. Because of its experience SKF has a suitable and solid solution for every problem: SKF has all the material on offer to mount and disassemble bearings correctly and efficiently. The assembly tools from the SKF range are suitable for the three assembly or disassembly techniques: cold, with heat and by means of the hydraulic technology. The tool is specially designed to prevent damage to the bearing. To solve the lubrication problems, SKF has a range of lubrication products that are suitable for various lubrication conditions and that are progressive due to SKF's expertise in bearing technology and friction techniques. In order to minimize the contamination of the bearings, SKF offers a whole range of sealing products for ordinary and specific applications. Material fatigue can be detected in time and prevented by frequent machine monitoring via an efficient monitoring system, Integrated Condition Monitoring. All these maintenance products from SKF increase the service life and promote the efficiency of the bearings. This long-term result certainly accounts for an investment in the quality of SKF. Thanks to the good work of its Research & Development division, SKF can offer products that are of extremely high quality, which promote energy efficiency at a lower total cost price.


The technical team offers the customer service suggestions, specific advice on the choice of the right products and the right solutions for bearing problems and possibly training tailored to the user. This training consists of practical sessions, workshops and demonstrations for both customers and distributors. In this way, all those involved are kept informed of the operation of the products and are introduced to novelties from the SKF range.

SKF Group

The SKF Group, founded in 1907, is present in more than 130 countries with more than 100 production and sales units supported by 15,000 distributors. SKF now also offers its products for sale online and the group can count on a highly efficient worldwide distribution system.