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Showa Work Gloves

The most important tool requires the best protection. The Showa work gloves offer you the best hand protection for every job. At Klium, you will find a wide range of work gloves suitable for all working conditions. The Showa work gloves in our Klium webshop are divided into different categories. Use our filters in these categories and find Showa gloves that suit you. You can choose your preferred fabric, material, type of protection, colour, and size, and the level of resistance of the gloves - such as flammability, against cold or heat. You can also find many more Showa products such as disposable gloves and a vast range of work gloves suitable for the chemical sector. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer service or ask the helpful Klium community.

About Showa

Showa was founded in 1954 by Japanese ex-military Akeo Tanaka. In the army, he observed how the hands of his fellow soldiers suffered from extremely harsh conditions. Many of his comrades lost fingers due to the frostbite and during work accidents, despite using gloves. It inspired Tanaka to develop new working gloves that not only had to be sturdy but also functional. The two most important needs for a glove. The first Showa glove was the first work glove made of PVC. The work glove was designed with safety, comfort, and functionality in mind. The success of the first Showa glove led to the development of one successful glove after the other. Innovation and hand protection were the cornerstones of success and remained the basis of the Showa philosophy. In Japanese, Showa means finding a balance between different elements and is at the heart of the approach of developing all Showa products. Tanaka’s lifelong pursuit of protecting hands made Showa the world-leading company in hand protection.