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Shaviv Deburring tools

Shaviv is the world's first choice when it comes to deburring metal, plastic, and wooden materials. At Klium, you can order from a wide range of deburrers, relevant spare parts, handles, adapters and knives from Shaviv to deburr safely. The ergonomic Shaviv handles offer comfort and precision while performing your deburring tasks. At Klium, we have both the classic and aluminium handles. Next to handles, we also offer different Shaviv holders and knives. The holders are available in all shapes and sizes, suitable for all your knives. The spare knives can be ordered separately or in sets with and without adapters.

About Shaviv

Shaviv is the world leader in deburring solutions. The company is on a constant quest for new solutions to please both the professional and occasional user. Shaviv provides industrially tailored tools suitable for all your daily tasks. Their tools ensure that you can safely remove burrs and create a smooth finish on any surface. Metal, plastic, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass or wood - Shaviv has a deburrer to your disposal for every type of material. With a Shaviv deburrer in your hand, you save time, work efficiently, and get smooth results.