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Rosta tensioners and machine components

The Rosta elements form the ideal basis for all your machines. Their rubber suspension and damping systems stand for quality and effectiveness. Rosta machine parts have multiple functions: springing, damping and supporting. The standard elements are used mainly for anti-vibration mounts and elastic torsion mounts. Every day, customers utilize the Rosta rubber suspension elements as a solution to their problems. The compactness of the Rosta rubber suspension elements allows for faster assembly that saves a lot of time. A second advantage is the maintenance. Due to the quality of the Rosta rubber suspension elements, they are completely maintenance-free so that the machines never have to pause for any check-ups.

At Klium, you will find various support brackets, sprockets, tensioning elements and tensioning rollers suitable for all your technical problems with machine parts. Use the Rosta rubber suspension elements as an alternative for the traditional elements. When springing, they can be used within a range of about 300 millimetres.

The rubber spring elements offer many advantages over conventional steel springs. Not only do they absorb shocks and vibrations much more efficiently, but they are also impact and corrosion-resistant, which ensures a longer service life. Finally, Rosta offers elements for tensioning chains and belts. The Rosta chain tensioner and the Rosta belt tensioner are both made with the technique of all Rosta rubber suspension elements. In addition, the Rosta tensioning elements automatically correct the elongation that occurs with your belts and chains due to ageing. In this way sagging, hitting, or slipping of the belt or chain is prevented which again leads to less maintenance and less loss of productivity.

About Rosta

Professionals have trusted the Swiss company Rosta for more than 75 years as a reliable solution to all machine problems in various industries. Ever since its foundation, Rosta has specialized in the production of machine components, including the much sought-after chain tensioners and belt tensioners. All products are extensively tested in the production facilities and are only introduced to the market once they passed all the demanding tests. All Rosta products comply with the latest safety regulations and are developed with the latest state-of-the-art technology.