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RIDGID: Professional pipe cutters and plumbing equipment

Ridge Tool Company is an American manufacturing company that manufactures hand tools and distributes them under the brand name RIDGID. The tool mainly targets the sector of plumbing, pipefitting, assembly and HVAC. In addition to hundreds of different types of tools, the keys in the typical red color are characteristic. RIDGID also sells power tools, cleaning systems, extraction systems, drilling and cutting tools and tracking equipment.

Effectiveness, innovation and quality

One of the things that RIDGID focuses on when designing new products is effectiveness. Every tool must be easy to use. The products also have to excel because of their innovative properties, making the working speed as large as possible without sacrificing quality. The design and creation of innovative tools that meet the constantly evolving criteria of the professional field is part of a constant development at RIDGID. The rapid technical evolution provides support for the current and future requirements of the professional. Effective equipment increases the job satisfaction, turnover and satisfaction with the customer.

Excellent in extraordinary circumstances

Workers and appliances from the RIDGID brand have been using tools and equipment in workshops, production companies, etc. for years. RIDGID tools are known to the craftsman worldwide for their user-friendliness and efficiency. In addition, it accelerates and improves the performance delivered considerably. RIDGID material also performs excellently in extraordinary conditions such as intense heat and cold, in sludge and sludge.


To expand their own activities in this competitive world, customers trust the wide range of RIDGID products. The company takes this into account in the development and production.

Customer service

With Ridgid not only the good quality of the tools, but also the after-sales service. After all, a satisfied customer is worth two. That is why Ridgid provides clear guides, highly trained employees and an extensive network of distributors and repair centers. The closer to the customer, the faster the intervention so that the damage sustained is kept to a minimum.