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Renold is a major producer of quality industrial chains, gearboxes, gearboxes, worm gearboxes, adjustable drives, clutches, brake couplings, flexible couplings, freewheel couplings and brakes, mechanical vibrators and machine tools. The extensive product range is manufactured worldwide in production centers that comply with the ISO 9000 standards. The production is done with a series of precision machines that are driven by optimal electronic control systems of the new generation. Nowadays Renold's range is focused on a full range of power transfer products and precision machine tools. Furthermore, it has been expanded with: gears, control drive systems and various hydraulic products.

Research and development

Renold's research and development departments are constantly looking for ways to renew the range, improve techniques and technology, and broaden application areas. Recently developed products are the chains of the new generation: the 'Syno', a self-lubricating chain, the 'Coris', a stainless steel chain and the 'Synergy' chain. Renold's products are used worldwide for process techniques used in power transfer, transport, hoisting equipment, etc. The products function optimally in different demanding conditions, have a high yield, are extra efficient and have a long service life. The world-renowned success of Renold products is a result of intensive research into new materials so that the demands of the field can be answered. These requirements were collected by Renold through regular and thorough searches with the target group. This results in the development and implementation of many special products that can cope with the most diverse problems in the most diverse circumstances.


Renold offers fast and specific solutions for individual problems thanks to an excellent service through an extensive network of distributors and technicians with relevant expertise. Through regular feedback with the professional field Renold has an overview of the needs of the potential customers and the customers have an overview of the range of new products and product solutions.


Renold was founded in the United Kingdom in 1879 by Hans Renold, a Swiss engineer who received a patent in 1880 on his invention of the roller chain. The Hans Renold Company is the oldest, still operational manufacturer of industrial chains in the world and an established value in its field. For example, in 1912 Renold was allowed to make the chain for The Great Clock at the Westminster Palace in London, which we all know better as Big Ben. In 1923 the department was opened in Belgium. Today Renold has offices in 23 countries and the products are distributed through 70 distributors worldwide.