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Rectavit is the specialist for adhesive applications in the construction industry (floor and wall covering adhesives, wood adhesives, contact adhesives and mounting adhesives). The wide range includes various polyurethane adhesives and epoxy adhesives. The brand developed a specific adhesive for bonding just about any material because the traditional adhesives were often not suitable for synthetic materials. With its chemical and practical experience, Rectavit has also introduced products derived from adhesives that quickly became the norm for both professional and private users.

Qualitative offer, always in development

Rectavit works together with various construction industries and develops new glue products to meet the demands and needs of the work field. A range of floor and wall covering adhesives was developed for the decoration sector, while for the wood industry various general and specific wood, contact and assembly adhesives are offered. In Belgium and Europe Rectavit is a leading manufacturer that closely follows the latest technological developments in the sector. Rectavit continues to expand its range, both in depth and in width. Because of their expertise, Rectavit can also develop and market complementary products in addition to traditional adhesives. Rectavit guarantees user-friendly total solutions, correct information and customer-oriented service. The products are characterized by quality and innovation. Bonding, sealing with a joint sealant, assembling and insulating, moisture protection, maintenance of terrace, home and garden furniture, cleaning etc. Rectavit helps the customer to find the right product for every application.


Rectavit was founded in 1968 and was focused on the shoe industry in the initial phase. The company found new possibilities in the construction industry at the end of the sixties and later expanded the range with specific solutions for the do-it-yourself sector, because the DIY workers increasingly found their way to the building supermarkets. Rectavit signed cooperation agreements with leading, strong brands and distributed the brands of these partners exclusively on the Belgian market: Loctite (second glue), Promat (fire resistant polyurethane foam) and Shell (bituminous damping kits). Since 2004, Rectavit has been part of sector-based and multinational Soudal from Turnhout.